The Benefits of Cashless Payments for Online Shoppers


You already know the benefits of cashless payments especially if you often shop online. But what about other Singaporeans who have unfounded beliefs about cashless payments? Many people think that it is not safe and secure transacting online especially with the news of hacking. The incidence of hacking is true but it doesn’t mean you have to lose faith in humanity.

Woman Shopping Online

There is a recent study conducted by MasterCard. It is called Safety and Security Index. The index revealed that many shoppers are still not confident when it comes to online shopping. Online shoppers should know that electronic or cashless payments are in fact safer more than anything else. Although many consumers are concerned about the safety of transacting online, only a small percentage of shoppers actually had negative experiences.

Here are the reasons why you should be confident of your cashless payments and online shopping:

  • Accountability protection: Most of cards these days have this accountability or liability protection. You get this once you sign up. The protection is kind of a policy that can protect your from any untoward circumstances like fraud. Your money can be recovered if it is proved that you are a victim of a fraudulent transaction. The best thing to do is to inform your bank right away if you notice something odd then they will resolve it.


  • Recordable: When you pay in cash, unless you take note of the receipts you bought, you will surely forget about everything and that makes money handling difficult. Electronic transactions will never be lost since there is always an electronic trail somewhere.


  • Controllable: If unfortunate things happen, having cash is not a good thing. If you have cards, you can easily cancel or have it replace if it is gone. Thinking about the cash when you lose your wallet can be very stressful.


  • Convenient: You must be happy not waiting for your turn because of the cashless payment. Shopping is made easy and comfortable with the help of cards and online shopping. If you choose to shop on overseas stores or websites, your card can handle it.

Now that you know why it is safer to transact online, it is time that you try it and experience its difference. Though you hear hacking and other sorts, you have to know that banking institutions are doing its best to invest in new technologies. Do not forget to scrutinize and maximize your online shopping experience. It is a good feeling knowing that your money is perfectly safe somewhere. apple-pay-for-web

Safety Tips for Pokémon Go Players


The developer of the most popular game on earth did not anticipate the safety problems of Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is famous game application not only here in Singapore but around the world developed by Niantic, Inc. There have been reports coming from different parts of the world claiming that players were robbed, got into accidents and trespassed private properties because of the game.


Kids and the kids at heart are going nuts over the game and concerned parents are becoming stressed because of the phenomena. It is true that the app will get everyone off the couch and explore outside but it should be noted that there are safety hazards to be considered. With safety in mind, here are the things that you should mull over:

  • Scout Poke Stops or Gyms first: Most of the Poke Stops and Gyms are in public places but you do not know what will happen if there is too much crowd going. The best way to deal with this is to scout it first before getting comfortable there. Visit the place first and if you found that it is not a safe area, do not pursue.


  • Look for company when going to Poke Stops or Gyms: It is always best to be with someone because you will feel a lot safer. As much as possible, bring along with you friends or someone who can watch your back in case something happens. For young kids, parents should accompany them. For adults, after scouting the place and bringing a friend, you are one step closer to a safer environment.


  • Be vigilant of your surroundings: Playing is too fun to the point that you do not care about your surroundings. This is not a good thing. No matter how fun you find the game, always be vigilant of your surroundings especially if it is not familiar to you at all. Pokémon Go will take you to places. While bumping trees is harmless, it can also put you in the middle of the traffic and that is dangerous.


  • Respect private properties: There is a reason why it is called a private property. You should know that trespassing is a criminal offense and it can lead you to jail. If there is a Pokémon in someone else’s yard, do not pursue without asking for permission. No matter the circumstance or the motive, trespassing will always be against the law.


  • Be careful when hunting at night: As much as possible, hunt while there is light but if you prefer hunting at night, that is your decision but just make sure that you are not putting your safety in question.

Pokemon GO game in New York

6 Reasons Why Your Doctor Might Perform a C-Section


Most expectant moms wish to have a normal delivery during labour, despite the discomfort and pain it would cause. However, a healthy pregnancy may not always result to a normal delivery. Sometimes, a caesarean section, or C-section, is inevitable to keep the mother and the baby safe from complications. If your doctor decides to perform a C-section on you, it’s likely due to any of these reasons:


  1. Your baby isn’t descending into your pelvis

The baby’s head should move towards the lower part of your abdomen two to four weeks before the estimated delivery date or during the labour. If your doctor can’t see your baby’s head resting beneath the middle part of your pelvic bone, this is when she will have to perform a C-section.

  1. Your baby is not in delivery position

Ideally, the head of the baby should be positioned near the birth canal prior to delivery. But if it is in breech position, wherein the baby’s feet or buttocks are positioned towards the birth canal, the doctor may have to perform a C-section. Although doctors agree that this situation does not automatically call for a C-section, they emphasize that this is the safest method to deliver the baby to ensure there’s no nerve injuries or fractures. Another solution is to turn the baby in the right position, though there’s risk of cord coil (the umbilical cord getting looped around the neck of the baby).

  1. You have problems with your placenta

Another pregnancy problem that may require your doctor to go for a C-section is when you have placenta praevia. If your doctor observes that your placenta is positioned lower inside the womb, blocking the cervix, totally or partially covering the baby’s passageway, it’s the safest option to do a C-section to save the mother from the possibility of hemorrhage.


  1. You have preeclampsia

Uncontrolled blood pressure, despite taking all the necessary medications, is a sign of preeclampsia. If your doctor sees signs of this pregnancy condition, the only way to deliver your baby is via C-section regardless of the age of development of your baby.

  1. You have surprise twins

Have you ever heard of surprise twins? It is when your ultrasounds detect one baby, but you actually have two. While it’s possible to deliver twins normally depending on the size, age and position, doctors will likely decide for a C-section if you’re having three or more babies.

  1. You have genital herpes

It is required to perform C-section if the mother has genital herpes. This is to prevent the baby from passing through the birth canal and be exposed to the virus. This is most crucial if the mother has sores or lesions or has active herpes in her genital area.

The best you can do is to listen to your ob-gyn and follow regular check-up schedules. Discuss your birth plans with your OB, and remember to be flexible.


5 Hydration Facts Every Mom Should Know


No matter how much we remind our kids to drink plenty of water, things easily gets in the way or something gets all their attention that regularly sipping water gets easily forgotten or set aside. Because of this, most kids aren’t able to drink as much water as they should, which makes them feel tired easily or not perform well in school. Here are some facts you need to know about water and hydration, so you can take action and let your little one drink as much water as they need.


  1. Feeling hungry can just be thirst.

Dehydration can be difficult to detect that both kids and adults often mistake feeling thirsty with feeling of hunger. If your little tot ask for a snack, let them drink a glass of water first, and then ask after five minutes if they still want a snack. More often than not, they will decline the snack because they already feel refreshed and full from the water.

  1. It’s almost impossible to drink too much water.

If you’re scared that you might be giving too much water to your child, don’t worry. Dehydration is much more common than Hyponatremia—a condition when the body has too much water that the sodium level drops. It’s almost impossible to reach this level of hydration, since the body automatically gets rid of excess water and turns it into urine in a matter of minute.

  1. Feeling thirsty can be a sign of dehydration.

Most signs of dehydration can easily be overlooked. Feeling of thirst is one telltale sign when your child isn’t getting enough hydration. Make sure your little one does not have to ask for water. Get him into the habit of drinking water before and after meals and when waking up after every nap.


  1. Plain water is the most perfect drink to hydrate the body.

Water is found in all drink and beverages, from soups to coffees and teas, to even the solid foods that we eat, like fruits and vegetables. However, if you want your kid to stay hydrated in the healthiest and most efficient way, choosing water over all its alternatives is the best way to go.

  1. Drinking water is more important when sick.

When your child is sick, especially when there’s vomiting, he’s losing lots of fluid at a faster pace, because he either can’t stop the excretion of water or he doesn’t have the strength to drink more water. Asking your child to take sips of water when he can will help her recover faster.

Keeping your child well-hydrated is as simple as making water accessible to them. Start by having them bring a bottle of water wherever they go, and make them drink more frequently especially when they’re outdoors.


Most Famous Boys’ Names in Different Countries


When you speak of childbirth, giving name is one of the most enjoyable things to do. Of course nothing compares to the joy when you finally see the baby but you have to be serious about his name because he will carry it until the end of time. There are many names out there that is why you need time to think it through.


Many names here in Singapore have English equivalents. If you want your son to be universally called, you must look for an appropriate English name. No matter what country you are in, you have to know top baby boy names according to different countries.

It is time to get inspiration from other countries. Here are the top ten most popular baby boy names from different countries:

  • United States: The top baby boy name in United States is Aiden followed by Alexander, Ethan, Jacob, Jayden, Liam, Mason, Michael, Noah and William.
  • Italy: In Italy, the top baby boy name is Alessandro followed by Andrea, David, Francesco, Gabriele, Leonardo, Matteo, Mattia and Riccardo.
  • United Kingdom: In United Kingdom, the top baby boy name is Alfie followed by Charlie, Jack, Jacob, James, Harry, Oliver, Riley, Thomas and William.


  • Australia: In Australia, the top baby boy name is Cooper followed by Ethan, James, Jack, Jackson, Lucas, Noah, Oliver, Thomas and William.
  • Germany: In Germany, the top baby boy name is Ben followed Felix, Fynn, Jonas, Leon, Lica, Louis, Lucas, Maximilian and Paul.
  • India: In India, the top baby boy name is Aadi followed by Aarav, Arjun, Aryan, Atharv, Krishna, Mohammed, Sai, Vihaan and Vivaan.
  • Chile: In Chile, the top baby boy name is Agustin followed by Benjamin, Cristobal, Joaquin, Martin, Matias, Maximilian, Sebastian, Tomas and Vicente.
  • Turkey: In Turkey, the top baby boy name is Ahmet followed by Berat, Cinar, Emir, Emirhan, Mehmet, Muhammed, Mustafa, Omer and Yusaf.
  • Spain: In Spain, the top baby boy name is Adrian, Alejandro, Alvaro, Daniel, David, Diego, Hugo, Javier, Mario and Pablo.

Now that you know top names according to countries, it is time that you choose wisely. Giving name is like giving an identity to your boy. It is important that you do not rush things and think of what your boy wants to be when he grows up so he can live by his name.

There are many names that you can consider actually. You only need to make sure that whatever the name you choose, your boys can live up to it.


Gearing Up for the New Baby: A Checklist of What Your Baby Needs


Once you know the gender of your baby, the next step is also exciting – shopping for his needs. Tiny as he might look, you would be surprised of the many things he need. His fragility makes him susceptible to pain and hurt. As parents, you only want what to protect the baby so you tend to overly provide him with many things.

Note that there are certain gears that you need to consider before the coming of your baby. There is no such thing as over preparation when it comes to your newborn. As much as possible, you have to secure all the essentials. Baby gear essentials checklist include:

  • Cot: Your baby needs cot and it is important that you choose the right one. When choosing a cot, you have to bear in mind to pick cot planks less than six centimeters apart and while you are at it, make sure that there are no broken or missing portions. In terms of the mattress, you should make sure that it fits securely.


  • Baby monitor: If you plan to keep your baby in a separate room at night, the least thing that you can do is provide the room with a camera. This will enable you to see your baby whilst sleeping. Video monitors differ in type and price.


  • Changing table: You would want to put your baby in a good place when you are changing him. This is also to make your job easier. When you have the table, set it away from your windows and never forget about safety straps. For easy access, changing supplies should be within arm’s reach.


  • Baby carrier: For working mothers who are always on the go or always multi-tasking, baby carriers are a big help. This will hold the baby close to the chest at the same time lets you do the things that need to be done. When choosing baby carrier, you should consider good head support.


  • Thermometer: For monitoring his temperature, make sure to buy digital thermometer. Though these things are expensive, the best thing about it is that it is easier to read.

There are many baby stores here in Singapore so looking for every piece is not that hard. The only thing that you need to bring is your patience and your happiness while shopping. If you do not have enough resources, you can borrow from friends and other family members. New or used, the important thing here is keeping the baby safe and sound.


Advantages of Switching to Managed IT Services

Some small and mid-sized companies in Singapore are already turning to Managed Service Providers (MSP) to ease the strain on their internal IT staff and to completely take over in managing their network. From having a better understanding of your assets to getting reliable IT services, working with an MSP certainly offers some advantages for both small and big-time businesses. Here, we listed down the other benefits that you will get as you start working with a managed IT service provider.


1. Cost-Effective

One advantage of switching to managed IT services is it cuts down your costs on managing and maintaining your IT resources. Unlike with your IT staff, service providers are capable of managing the daily operations of your IT environment in a cost-effective manner. Switching to managed IT services also gives you an assurance that your hardware and applications are maintained and fine-tuned to the highest industry standards without costing too much.

2. Reduced Labour Cost

Hiring and training an IT staff for your business can be expensive – and it could also lead to disappointments if your staff failed to live up to your expectations. With managed services, however, you get to cut down on the labour costs and ensure that your system is properly monitored and maintained. Plus, switching to managed IT services will allow you to focus your human resources on areas that need it the most.

3. Efficient Budgeting

Planning for your business’s technological needs can be difficult, since things can instantly change when a server or a computer suddenly crashes – and when that happens, your budget will likely get busted because of the unplanned system repairs. With managed IT services, however, you get set a fixed monthly cost and prepare a budget for system upgrades. Some service providers even offer repair and service work in addition to the maintenance services that’s already included in the contract.

4. Staff Expertise

Another advantage of partnering with an outsource technology company in Singapore is gaining access to their staff’s expertise IT systems, works and services. These companies that provide IT services in Singapore have a whole staff ready to take on any issue that may arise on your network. Remember that a reliable technology provider invests in its workforce to ensure that every one of them are certified and skilled enough to perform the services they are offering.

5. Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Most businesses in Singapore currently has no way of monitoring their network at all times and be immediately informed when a potential problem arises. But by hiring an IT service provider, you will get the 24/7 system monitoring that you want. This can be a beneficial feature for your business, because the earlier a system problem is realized the earlier it will be resolved. Round-the-clock monitoring allows for most issues to be discovered and resolved before they turn into major problems that could result to a significant system downtime.


6. Comprehensive Reporting

Getting an insight about the network activity of your business is crucial for determining how you will allocate your budget for future use, as well as in knowing what your employees are doing online. Without a comprehensive report, you won’t have a way to know what problems have already been resolved, where the problems frequently occurs or which area of your network needs support. Most MSP’s are capable of providing in-depth reports about problem mediation, error messaging, as well as user activity so you will know and understand what’s happening on your system network.

7. Enhanced System Security

System security is a common concern among business owners, and updating it from time to time is a crucial aspect in protecting your business’s technology. Some IT service providers provide packages that offer solutions in monitoring your Anti-Virus and Firewall, and in applying the latest patches and updates to ensure that your system is as protected as possible.

8. System Centralization

With a managed IT network, you will benefit from the ability to centralize all your servers and applications within a managed data centre, which could also lead to improved staff performance. Other than that, having a consolidated data centre also offers access to virtual services and backup and storage infrastructure.

9. Disaster Recovery

One of the touted advantages of switching to managed IT services is the disaster recovery and business continuity protection offered by managed service providers. These providers are capable of designing operational and resilient data centres or networks that you can use even after your business has been hit by a disaster. You will be assured that your data is safe and that your voice services will continue functioning even without your main office. So be sure to take advantage of this invaluable technological investment offer by managed IT service providers.

10. Levels the Playing Field

Aside from maintaining IT systems, managed service providers also help in levelling the playing field for big and small businesses. It helps small companies by giving them access to similar expertise and technology that bigger organizations use. Switching to managed IT service providers will surely give your business an edge over other companies.

By switching to managed IT services, all types of business can now afford to invest on cutting-edge enterprise technologies at a fraction of the cost. Investing on these technologies and services will surely help your business in staying relevant and competing against other corporations in the market – and your clients will surely thank you for that.


8 Ways to Get Him Buy the Ring You Want

Is your significant other acting a bit strange lately or getting conscious with your expenses than usual? Has your favourite ring mysteriously disappeared at one point? Well, he is probably planning for a proposal, so it would be helpful to drop a few hints about the engagement ring you like.


Although you may have already decided on your dream rock long time ago, chances are he is not on the same boat as you. Although it can get intimidating to drop hints, guys really appreciate some help when it comes to shopping for a proposal ring. After all, he only wants the best for you—a ring that will sweep you off your feet.

You do not have to be overly obvious when dropping clues. Just briefly and casually mention rings in your day to day conversations. If he’s really into ring shopping, he will surely pick up on what you like and don’t like. Here are some ways on how you can get your guy figure out the right proposal ring to buy.

1. The Social Media Way

If you have not yet discovered the power of Pinterest, you’re missing out big time! The virtual mood boards of this social media platform are a great place to display all the gorgeous engagement rings you would want to own ‘one day’. But make sure to link your Pinterest account to your Facebook account to increase the odds of your future fiance stumbling upon your dream wedding ring.

2. The Celebrity Scoop

With so many celebrities proposing and getting engaged (and posting photos of their engagement rings on social media), to get him to propose with Ling Jewellery rings in Singapore, it is much easier to casually show your long-term boyfriend a photo of the ring you want or drop clues by commenting on the rings of engaged celebs. While scrolling through your Instagram, casually blurt out something like “Oh Lady Gaga is engaged? Well, that heart-shaped diamond is glorious.”

3. The World Wide Web

Subtly drop some hints the next time you are surfing the web together. Show him photos of rings you like and you don’t like, so he starts to get a picture of what style you prefer. Even if he has no idea what 4Cs mean or the difference of pave setting and halo setting, at least he’s familiar with how they look and can go to any Singapore jewellery store and say “she loves a big round diamond with smaller diamonds around it.”

4. The BFF Route

Who else can give better advice to your boyfriend about your dream engagement ring than your BFFs? Your best friends are the best people to have when it comes to sneaking hints to your significant other about the ring you like and don’t like. Maybe he assumes you like the typical round cut pave diamond ring, but it’s really an emerald cut diamond with tapered baguette side stones you love. Your BFFs will be your voice of reason (since you’re not around) when it comes to picking an engagement ring.


5. The Window Shopping Tactic

The next time you will be strolling with beau along Orchard Road or at any Singapore mall, drop by at a jewellery store and take a quick look at the displays. Playfully say that if one day he will be proposing, these are the kinds of rings you would like to have, while pointing out a few that appeals to you the most. If your man is on the hunt, he’s surely taking mental notes and return to the jewellery store the next day to get the ring of your dreams.

6. The Friendly Comment

If one of your friends or someone you both know just got engaged and you happen to like her engagement ring, let your man know. Just make sure to be specific, or you’ll get an identical ring. If it’s the halo style you love about the ring, blurt out you love halo rings. If it’s the white gold band you find stunning, let him know you love your colleague’s white gold ring. Let him know the specifics of the ring that you love and you don’t love, so he’ll remember those details as he picks out a proposal ring.

7. The Power of Print

Are you bound to attend a couple of weddings in the next few months? Perhaps, you have an engaged friend, cousin or colleague wherein you will be one of the bridesmaids or even just a guest. This is a perfect excuse to carry a couple of wedding magazines with you. Casually flip through the pages while you and your man are sitting on the couch. You can also purposely leave a magazine on his coffee table, widely opened to an editorial page of ring styles or diamond advertisement that has your dream ring on it.

8. Straight to the Point

If all else fails, just be straight forward. If you’re confident that he will not take it negatively or you know that you’re both in the same boat about marriage, sit down and talk about your engagement and wedding ring. Start by saying something that it is going to be an investment and you would want to make sure that the rings are worth all the hard work. However, don’t demand for the ring you want, but do let him know what you would love.

Remember, don’t be shy. This ring, like your future marriage, is meant to last forever, so it’s important to find the perfect one that you would never want to take off for the rest of your life.


The Best Views in Singapore


Singapore is one of the most visited cities in the world according to the latest survey conducted by Euromonitor, a market research firm. This goes to show that many tourists prefer the iconic Marina Bay Sands (MBS) over any other landmarks. Visitors think and glorify MBS but locals know better. There are many views in Singapore worth the travel.

If you have visitors around, it is time that you think about their itinerary. Start by taking them to places where locals would want to go. What are the places here with the best views? Here’s some:


  • Henderson Waves: If hiking is your thing, the best thing that you can do is to hike through Southern Ridges. The ridges are a ten kilometre trail that links Labrador Reserve, Kent Ridge, HortPark, Telok Blangah Hill and Mount Faber. The hike will bring you to Henderson Waves which is the highest pedestrian bridge here. Your visitor will surely enjoy many vantage points while hiking.


  • PARKROYAL: Visitors just think that there is only Gardens by the Bay to marvel. You have to know that there is also one sky garden that will take your visitor’s breath away. PARKROYAL on Pickering is one remarkable piece of architecture. The visitor will be surprised to literally see a hotel filled with gardens.


  • Pinnacle@Duxton: Talk about iconic landmarks, the city also boasts of The Pinnacle@Duxton. It is a residential building that comes with a sky bridge at the 26th There is also a sky park at the 50th floor which is open to all. There is however an entrance fee. For only $5, you can get a stunning view of the district.


  • SkyPark at Vivocity: Another place offering magnificent view is SkyPark at Vivocity. While your visitors are enjoying shopping, you can take them to the SkyPark and they will be delighted to see water features.


  • New Asia Bar: The New Asia Bar was the first place to offer wine and dine above nestled in 71 floors. Although a bit old, the place still has the charm that other competitors cannot contend.


  • LeVel33: If you want to bring your visitor to a scenic place somewhere around the Central Business District, LeVel33 is definitely the place to be. The place is actually the world’s highest brewery. Beer pairing is more interesting these days.


These are just some of the places worth visiting. Your visitors will surely see Singapore differently – it is also a place to have fun.


Summer’s Biggest Film Flops


If you are a producer or actor of a multi-million movie, of course you want people to patronize it to recoup and make some earnings but unfortunately, there are times that things do not go your way. This summer, many big films from the best studios flopped because they are unsuccessful in terms of connecting with the public.


Which movies have underperformed the most this summer? It is time to know. Here is the list:

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

The movie had a great cast with Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron but raunchy comedy is not a thing. The movie made poor returns. It just earned £44 million.


The movie is magical but the returns are not. This is a rare Spielberg flop. It just earned £87 million.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Despite the outstanding cast like Tony Fey, Billy Bob Thornton and Margot Robbie, the movie wasn’t a hit. It is a war-comedy and it underperformed by £17 million.

A Hologram for the King

The set was in Saudi Arabia. It is drama and featured Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks earned billions from previous movies but fans stayed away from his film this time. It underperformed by £3 million.

The Boss

Melissa McCarthy is famous for her normally box office hits. She is a natural but not this time. The Boss underperformed by £60 million.

Independence Day: Resurgence

The movie underperformed by £292 million. This sounds like a lot but the truth is it did not compensate. It did not make profit if you think about the substantial budget and the marketing costs.

Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age films made billions but somehow it lost its control with only £224 million.


The Huntsman: Winter’s War

The first Huntsman film only made £300 million but the producers still put their faith on a second film. This time the movie only made £124 million – barely recouping its production costs.


This modern twist of the classic Ghostbuster is another summer flop. The movie only made £139 million. Rumour has it that they lost £54 million.

Alice through the Looking Glass

The fact that it is Johnny Depp didn’t help boost the sales. The first instalment of the movie earned big time but this second instalment only made £233 million.

The Legend of Tarzan

Producers hoped that this film would be a beginning of another franchise but it did not pan out. It only made £258 million. This looks like a lot of money but the producers are struggling with that profit.    

Singaporeans love movies but maybe some of these movies are not what we expect. Just keep the faith. Many upcoming movies are worth it.