Health Benefits of Running

It is not too late to live a healthy life. It is important that you live healthy no matter how hard it might be because it is for your own benefit at the end of the day. You can begin by considering a balanced diet. You should be aware of the food you eat.


For more information about balanced diet or nutrition, you can always refer to dieticians or nutritionists. They will surely help you understand and devise a meal plan. Physical activities are recommended especially to those with sedentary lifestyle. You can strike the gym if you like or you can simply get your running shoes and hit the road. Running has a lot of health benefits.

Running can manage your weight, tone legs, fight illness, relieve stress and improve body coordination among others. In Singapore, the government is doing its best to encourage the citizens to live a healthy life. They provide running routes. If you want to set out, make sure to have a company or let someone know where you are heading in case something happens. Here’s the list of some routes you can take:


  • Extended roti pata – It is 6.4 miles or 10.4 kilometres. You will pass over Ang Mo Kio and Bishan Park.
  • 10km loop from Valley Park – It is 6.5 miles or 10.5 kilometres. You will pass over and circle Tanglin Road, Grange Road and Zion Road.
  • 14.2 km – It is 8.8 miles or 14.2 kilometres. You will pass over Ang Mo Kio and Hougang continuing to Tampines.
  • Around block 727 – It is 0.9 miles or 1.5 kilometres. You will encircle Jurong West Street 72, Jurong West Avenue and Jurong West Street 81.
  • PG jogging route – It is 0.9 miles or 1.5 kilometres. You will pass over Punggol Drive and Kaladoor.

Move to the Rhythm

If you want to witness performances other than ballet, there are many dance repertoires in store for you here in Singapore. You will surely enjoy and appreciate the dance and the rhythm. You can begin with the following performances:


Bhaskar’s Academy of Arts

Bhaskar’s Academy of Arts is an Indian arts group supported and funded by the National Arts Council. To date, it is the only Indian academy of the arts here in Singapore. The academy is proud to present their Kathakali Troupe and art gallery. Members of Kathakali are especially trained in Kerala which is famous for its use of vibrant make-ups and complex hand and eye coordination. The dance troupe has performed at shows or events like the National Day Processions, HeritageFest and the popular Singapore Arts Festival. It received recognition and support from spectators in Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan.

Sri Warisan

Sri Warisan is popular for its Malay dance company. The dance company merges the traditional forms with contemporary forms. The members are well trained when it comes to dance, music and theatre. Sri Warisan was invited to perform for the opening of F1 Grand Prix Race last 2008. Their presence is known in Korea, Malaysia, Tokyo and other countries in the region. The company is comprised of thirty performing artists. They also train about two hundred student performers.

The Dance Ensemble

The Dance Ensemble is famous for promoting Chinese dance and arts here in Singapore. The troupe pushed their limits because they have performed at many dance and cultural festivals not only in Asia but around the world. The troupe is also supported and funded by the National Arts Council. The Dance Ensemble provides training and other upgrading plans for local talents.

If you are not contented, there are other theatres or performances that you can consider. You can for instance consider Singapore Dance Theatre, Lion Dance, Odyssey Dance Theatre, Bharatanatym and many more.

Nothing’s Perfect: Singapore’s Flaws

As much as you want to, you want to live in a perfect society but you know that it is near to impossible. You know that there is no such thing as Utopia or perfect society. No matter how developed and progressive a society is, there are still flaws. Singapore is not an exemption. Though it offers a lot of chances and opportunities for citizens and migrants, Singapore is not perfect.

There are people that never consider living in Singapore. You need to respect them for that. What are the things that they dislike about Singapore? Here’s a look:


Full of rules

Implementing rules is necessary to discipline the society but there are times that too much may cause restlessness. Citizens and tourists will feel afraid to go out for the fear of committing something or if they go out, they will constantly look at their backs. That is plain tiring.

Singapore is dubbed as the “fine city” because there is a penalty for a single act that the government see harmful.

Architectural Uniformity

For others, architectural uniformity is a good feature but to some, it is not appealing.


Many Singaporeans combine English and Singapore languages (Chinese, Malays and Tami). They refer it as “Singlish”. If you get stuck in this conversation, you will find it hard to decipher the words. Misunderstanding will happen.

Escalating cost of living

Singapore is famous for its standards or cost of living. In fact it is one of the expensive places to stay in Asia. The goods, services, transportation, food, fuel, houses are increasing every day.

Despite the flaws, Singapore is a place that offers many opportunities. If you set your heart to love it, it will grow on you.

Beerfest Asia 2013

You are looking for something every day. You just want to feel alive and gay but you don’t know what to consider. Good news for beer enthusiasts in Asia, Singapore will be having its 5th edition Beerfest Asia 2013. Get ready for the party and the overflowing beer.  Here’s what you need to know about the event:



Beerfest Asia is an annual event for beer enthusiasts in Singapore and the neighbouring region. The 5th edition will showcase different selection of beers and other beverage. This event will surely be “heaven on earth” for beer and beverage enthusiasts. The event is prepared by Beerfest Pte Ltd. Beer and beverage enthusiasts should expect more than 300 types of beers from around the world with live performances and comedy club.

Not only that, the fest will also conduct tasting training and beer or beverage sale. In fact, if you are inspired to make your own beer, you can purchase a kit and home brew your own beer. You can also see and experience an actual brewing or process in their Craft Beer Experience section where brewers can walk you through the actual brewing process.


Where: The Beerfest will be held at Marina bay Street Circuit. The setting is perfect because you can see the F1 tracks and the Singapore Flyer.

Restrictions: The fest is for people 18 years older. It is strictly R18.

Tickets: You should buy tickets soon before it is too late. For 1-day standard pass on June 13 or June 15, it will cost you S$30.00. For a standard pass on June 14 or June 15, it will cost you S$40.00. For four-day pass, you will pay S$80.00. VIP pass on June 13 or June 16 will costs S$130.00 and VIP pass on June 14 or June 15 costs S$180.00. Festival + Comedy combo on June 13 or June 16 costs S$40.00 and Festival and Comedy combo on June 14 or June 15 costs S$50.00.

Adults Need Vaccines Too

When we talk about vaccines, we normally think of it as something only for babies and children. But that is not exactly right as adults should also be vaccinated against various diseases.


State of Vaccination

In most developed countries, including Singapore and the U.S., free vaccination is provided by the state to babies and young children. That is all well as vaccines are proven to be an effective protection from common illnesses, such as influenza. However, not only children need vaccines – adults need them too.

Why Adults Need Vaccines

Some of our citizens – youth, adults and the elderly – have not been vaccinated when they were young. This makes them more susceptible to diseases that could have been prevented if only free vaccination is available to them. In some cases, adults may not be able to afford the current fee for vaccination, which ranges from $30 to more than $200. This is an often overlooked hindrance for these people from attaining optimum health.

Known Consequences

In the U.S., it was estimated that 3,000 to 50,000 people annually suffer from viral diseases because they have not been vaccinated. The same thing happens in Singapore. Here, despite widespread promotion of vaccines, a recent study found that 600 people still contracted a type influenza that should have been prevented by a vaccine. This makes it clear that adults need vaccines too.

Incorporate to MediSave

A simple way to make free vaccination available to everyone is by incorporating it to our current MediSave as provided by the healthcare system. In particular, we should vaccinate children and adults alike for viral diseases like influenza, different forms of hepatitis, and pneumonia (the third leading cause of death in the country).

By providing vaccines to adults, we won’t only be saving more lives, we can actually also save resources as this will reduce the need for hospital care.