Visit S.E.A Aquarium

Are you bored? Got nothing to do? Well it is time to visit S.E.A (South East Asia) Aquarium. It features marine life. The aquarium is the main attraction of the Marine Life Park. The park seeks to raise awareness on the ocean’s ecosystems to better understand, appreciate and protect them. Here are the things you need to know about S.E.A Aquarium:



You will be fascinated. S.E.A Aquarium showcases 10 habitats with more than 800 species. The 10 habitats include Strait of Karimata and Java Sea, Strait of Malacca & Andaman Sea, Bay of Bengal & Laccadive Sea, Open Ocean, Arabian Gulf and Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Ocean Journey, East Africa, South China Sea and Shark Seas.

The S.E.A Aquarium provides suites. You will surely enjoy the accommodation because the floor-to-ceiling windows will show you the Open Ocean habitat. It is costly though. You have to spend $3000 a night.

Getting there

S.E.A Aquarium is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa. Resorts World Sentosa is near the Central Business District. You can take a bus, car, taxi or MRT. If you want to take the taxi, just hail for the available one. If you use your car, find a parking area near the aquarium. Shuttle buses are also available within the Resorts World Sentosa. If you choose to take the MRT, make sure to stop at the Waterfront Station.


Admission charges

The pay varies depending on the pass. For 1 day pass, children and seniors are expected to pay S$20. For the annual pass, they need to pay S$58. For adults, 1 day pass will cost S$29 and annual pass is S$88. If you purchase the pass, you are entitled to an entry to The Maritime Experiential Museum.

Operating hours

S.E.A Aquarium is open daily from 10am to 7pm.

How Much Will It Cost You To Live In Singapore?

Many people are thinking twice about relocating to Singapore because of the cost of living. You should not think that way because as long as there is an opportunity to work, you will never run out of money. Basic necessities like food, transportation and clothing are quite affordable in Singapore since the government is monitoring it. What will cost you is the housing, car, school fees and other allowances. But if you manage your resources well, you will find that living in Singapore can be comfortable.


Costs of living are divided into:


You can choose between condominiums, private apartments, flats and apartments. The cost is relative to different features like nearness to the city, facilities, furnishings, etc.


Food is not that expensive in Singapore but then again that depends on how extravagant you are. You can choose to dine out or just eat in the house.

Health care

Singapore’s health care is ranked one of the best. If you have health insurance, there are no problems but if you don’t have one, better start saving for it so when the time comes, you will not worry for the mounting medical bills.


Utilities include electricity, internet and water bill, gas, mobile phone subscriptions, channel subscriptions, etc. you pay every month.


You have the chance to send your child to public or private institutions. Either way, you will be assured that your child will learn from the best. Local government schools and international schools in Singapore are renowned locally and internationally because of its curriculum and standards.


Singapore is famous for expats because of the low income tax rates. The government is doing this to encourage tax savings from taxpayers.


Miscellaneous includes electronics and appliances that you might purchase. This is not a big issue since there are electronics and appliances that are inexpensive. Aside from that, prices of newspapers, cigarettes, concert, movie passes are relatively cheap.

Car Engine Types

In spite of the numerous types of cars available in the market today, most cars still use the same types of engines. The car engines over the past centuries have been developed and refined to cope up with the modernization of the cars and improve our way of driving. Here are the most basic types of engines that have been long used by most automobiles.

Internal Combustion Engine


This is the type of engine that most modern automobile use. Internal combustion engine uses fuel, such as gasoline, in creating power strokes that starts the vehicle when ignited. The engine basically creates a series of small explosions and transmits the power to the shaft through the transmission. Internal combustion engines are also known as four-stroke engines. The four strokes are: intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion stroke and exhaust stroke.

Diesel Engine


A type of internal combustion engine that uses diesel instead of gasoline. Diesel fuel is said to be more purified than petroleum. Some even come from animal fats and vegetable oils. Diesel engines kindle the fuel by combining it with hot air instead with spark plug, which is commonly used in gasoline engines. This type of engine emits lesser carbon and is more efficient than any other comparable engines.

Rotary Engines


This is another form of combustion engine developed in 20th century as an alternative to piston engine. Rotary engines use rotating plates, instead of the up-down motion, to seal off portions of the engine. This engine has the same volume with piston engine but with lesser weight. Rotary engines are not as common as the first two engines, but are still used on Mazda’s series of sports car.

March Blooms At Home

Now that the days are getting longer and hotter, it is best to keep your home cool by adding indoor plants and blooms. It will not only add ventilation to the house, it will also add beauty and colour to every corner of your home. Here are some of the finest indoor flowers you can have this summer season.


Peace Lilies – Peace lilies are the best indoor plant to have during summer seasons. This plant is often seen at offices and homes. The glossy white leaves make it a unique indoor plant and can give added light to the room.

African Violets – African violets are small and come in different variety of colours and forms. However, keeping this plant indoors needs extra care in watering it and keeping it in humid and bright area is required. If well-cared, you can expect the plant to bring life and colour to your home all year round.

Bromeliads – Bromeliads are one of the most decorative and colourful plant to have in an indoor setting, but can be hard to bring into bloom. Fortunately, new breeds of bromeliads are available in nurseries that only take weeks to fully bloom.

Hibiscus – Hibiscus is known for the wonders it brings to the hair. Aside from that, this flower is available in different bright colours, which will surely add life to your home. When having it indoors, remember that the plant needs warmth and light. With this, taking care of your hibiscus plant won’t be as hard during summer seasons.