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What is Hairstyling?

Between skin care products and hairstyling chemicals, it’s difficult to say which one will come out the winner as the most important beauty regimen, but it’s clear that the beauty industry is here to stay. Humans have been obsessed with styling their hair as much as making their skin beautiful, that is why the hair salon is a popular business venture.

Let’s look at the history, tools and techniques of hairstyling.

Hairstyling History

No one knows for sure how our ancestors styled their hair when the hair salon didn’t yet exist during the Stone Age, but experts think that the people cut their hair using sharp flint or shells. The fashionable ancient Egyptians chose to shave their heads so they can wear wigs instead, if they didn’t color it with henna. For the ancient Greeks, hairstyling was an art form and it became part of cosmetics, which comes from the word “cosmetikos,” meaning “skilled in the use of cosmetics.” They were also the first people to use artificial curlers using bronze rods. The Romans added meaning to the color of the hair, because it was a symbol of your class. The nobles dyed their hair red, the commoners blonde, and the poor black.

Hairstyling as a profession became more important, however, when the Roman Catholic church issued a decree that all facial hair should be removed by the clergymen. During the Renaissance, the women shaved their hairline so that their foreheads appeared bigger. It was not until the 1600s when the word “hairdresser” was used the name for the profession. At this time too, a male monarch popularized the use of wigs to hide his thinning hair, a trend that lasted for over a century until taxes were imposed on the use of male wigs.

In 1762, the word “shampoo” was coined to describe the chemical made from boiling soap in water sprinkled with herbs and fragrances. It wasn’t until 1952, however, when the first liquid shampoo was manufactured. In 1790, the aerosol hairspray was used and in 1845, hot metal combs were invented to straighten unruly hair.

In 1907, the first synthetic hair dye was marketed, and years later the women’s razor and Bobby pins came into use. In 1928, a product made from beeswax, mineral oil, and water is marketed as a hairstyling product for men. Finally, in 1980, a modern version of the curling iron became available.

Hairstylist, Haidresser and Barber

Is there a difference in what the hairstylist, hairdresser and barber do? The three names have different origins, but nowadays, their job descriptions overlap. The main concern of a Singapore hair salon used to be the hair design, while it was the hairdresser’s job to do the cutting, dyeing, and shampooing of hair. The barber, on the other hand, was responsible for shaving, cutting, styling, grooming, and dressing men’s hair. There was even a time when barbers also performed dentistry and surgery on their clients.

Today, all hairstylists, hairdressers and barbers can do all the jobs at any hair salon in Singapore. Their duties at the hair salon include shampooing, cutting, trimming, coloring, perming, and styling hair, wigs, extensions and hairpieces; shaving, trimming, and shaping mustaches and beards; analyzing hair and scalp problems and suggesting treatments; and suggesting hairstyles for their clients.

They are also responsible in keeping the hair salon clean and organized. The best hair salon in Singapore cleans and sterilizes all their styling tools and equipment regularly to avoid the spread of infection. When choosing a hairstylist, make sure that he/she knows all the latest hair trends and talks to you about the look you want to achieve. A good hairstylist will also give you pointers on how to maintain healthy hair and scalp by recommending a styling routine and a set of hair care products.

Hairstyling Tools

The hairstylist uses a lot of hair products made from natural and synthetic chemicals to change, improve or style your hair. However, the items below are the most common tools you will find at the hair salon.

1. Combs and brushes are for detangling, smoothing, styling, and finishing hair.

2. Curling iron is used in a hair salon to change the curl pattern of your hair temporarily. The hair shafts are exposed to heat and can be styled any way you want.

3. Flat iron is similar to the curling iron, but instead of curling, it straightens your hair or parts of your hair temporarily. It is also used to straighten kinks when the hair is treated with straightening chemicals.

4. Blow-dryer is the most important styling tool in any hair salon in Singapore. It is a type of heating tool used to dry damp hair quickly.

Hairstyling Techniques

There are hundreds of hairstyles available today for any type of hair that can be achieved at the hair salon. But what techniques do the hairstylists use to create those hairstyles? Here are a few.

1. Knowing the hair type and texture. Hair type and hair texture will determine the best way to style your hair. Your hair type is determined by your genes and can either be straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. You will know you’re in the best hair salon in Singapore if the stylists take their time to give you a consultation before any procedure is recommended.

2. Proper blow-drying. A good blowout will give make your hair appear healthier, full-bodied, and shiny. The hairstylist also has to consider your hair type when using the blow-dryer to avoid frizz. That is why the hair salon has to apply a conditioner or moisturizer for your hair before blow-drying.

3. Proper curling and straightening. A good hair salon uses only the safe ceramic curler to add luster and silkiness to your hair. The hairstylist will adjust the heat settings based on your hair type to avoid burns, frizz and other damage. The same is true when straightening your hair using heating tools. The hairstylist will usually begin with the hair near your nape and work slowly up.

The Secrets to a More Youthful Glow


When you see your Singaporean or Hollywood idols, you envy their near-to-perfect skin. They do not seem to age or wrinkle. How you wish to be like them because you are getting worried about your skin by the minute. As you age, your skin changes but it doesn’t mean that you let it be because it is the natural course of life.

A smooth and supple skin is indeed desirable. The thing is, you can restore your youthful glow – you just need patience and consistency. Sounds easy, right? Of course if you are serious enough. Here are some secrets to a more youthful glow you should never miss:

  • Hydrate more: Hydrating is good for the skin as it can increase circulation. An increased circulation can lead to suppler and healthier skin.


  • Sip tea: Imagine yourself in serenely sitting in a French restaurant enjoying a cup of tea. This is exciting as well as good for the skin. You have to particularly ask green tea. Green tea is famous because of its catechins – an antioxidant. An antioxidant is important as it can protect you from tenderness and oxidative damage.


  • Consume more fruits: You now know the importance of antioxidants from tea. Antioxidants (like vitamins A, C and E) can also be found in some vegetables and fruits particularly those that come in shades of blue, red, orange and green.

  • Look for niacinamide or vitamin B3: Aging will decrease the production of the collagen (gives support to the skin) and elastin (gives the skin elasticity). If this happens, you will surely feel saggy, dry and the like. To avoid things from getting too saggy, always look for foods with niacinamide ingredient as it will strengthen the surface of your skin which will make it more robust.


  • Apply moisturizer: It is important that you cleanse your skin and apply moisturizer after. Moisturizers are crucial as they have the capacity to lock in the moisture which is good for the skin. The skin will surely look smoother and suppler.


  • Wearing sunscreen: Your skin is already damaged because of your lifestyle. Once you acknowledge this fact, you can move on and think of better ways to revive it. Have you tried wearing sunscreen? Sunscreen (especially if it is SPF enhanced) can make a difference at the end of the day. When you spend some time outdoors, always apply sunscreen and choose SPF with at least thirty.


That should give you ideas of how to take good care of your skin to look more youthful. Good luck and may your skin be blessed!

Quick Fixes for Your Dry Skin


The body needs protection from external elements thereby the existence of the skin. The skin has an important role therefore it should not be ignored or overlooked. Sometimes there are things around us causing skin damage. If you are particularly concerned about your dry skin, it is time that you know some techniques on tackling dry skin.

Of course you want to show off but it is not possible with dry skin. Do not worry because you can still revive your skin and leave it smooth. Here are some quick fixes that you can consider:

Many Singaporeans know about skin care essentials but it may not be as effective to you. The best thing here is to try everything and then decide which regime or routine works best for you. The important thing here is you do not hide under gloves or long pants – you tackle. The secret here is consistency.

Keeping air moist

If you are living in a climate with winter, your skin is prone to dryness. If the temperature drips, the humidity level plummets leaving the skin dry. Many people think that the only solution is to turn up the thermostat but that is a different matter. Turning it can even leave the skin drier as indoor heating can strip the skin of moisture.

Since turning up the thermostat cannot help, you have to consider keeping the air moist. Try installing a humidifier. This will surely keep the air moist around. The setting should be at 45 to 55% while the temperature should be at 68 Fahrenheit.

Shower quickly and coolly

It is ideal to have that steamy shower after a hard day but as much as you want to, do not stay too long. If you can shower coolly and quickly, do it because it can do the skin good. Remember that the steam can dry the skin’s natural oils. The more you linger in that steamy shower, the more your skin suffers.

If you cannot do without hot shower, at least dial down the temperature (maybe just lukewarm) plus make it short. Five minutes is enough.

Think of locking in the moisture

After taking that shower, the next thing that you do is to dry off using your towel. You have to know that this will strip your skin of moisture. Showering is good as it can give skin moisture but if you dry it off immediately, you do not give it a chance to lock in the moisture.

It is recommended that you do not dry it completely – leave it a bit moist and then apply the moisturizer to your damp skin.

Perfect Fashion Hacks for Introverts

There are those of us who prefer watching a movie or sipping a cup of coffee at home. It’s not that they hate people or social interaction, but introverts can only take so much of it – and they need to be by themselves to relax and recharge. Oftentimes, even if you don’t feel like it, you need to venture out into the world socialize with other people. Sure, it can be really stressful but practising any of the following fashion hacks will definitely make the entire process more bearable for you.


  1. Sport a Big Hat

Hate making eye contacts with strangers? Then wear a hat with a nice wide brim to alleviate those pesky incidence. A baseball cap is a good option, since it’s fairly common and goes with various style profiles. A straw sun hat or a cowboy hat will also do the trick, but be careful with it looking too snazzy. Anything unique that could be considered as a ‘statement piece’ will likely draw attention than repel it.

  1. Opt for Neutral Shades of Clothing

On a study conducted by a group of researchers in Singapore about how a person can be more approachable, they found that wearing a blue coloured clothing makes you appear more amicable. That said, it’d be best to avoid wearing clothing pieces in such colour if you’re looking to avoid people. Green, tan, teal and peachy-orange as also considered to be most approachable and friendly-looking colour, so going for a drab black, white or grey would be your best bet to appear neutral and blend in.

  1. Don a Sweatshirt or a Hooded Coat

There’s just nothing more comfortable than wearing a good hoodie. What’s more amazing about wearing one is you can always put the hood on to make you seem more a little closed off. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but there’s just something about a person with their hood over their head and their hands on their pocket that says, ‘don’t talk to me.’


  1. Plug in Your Earphones

These days, it’s become more acceptable to walk around with a pair of headphones on. If you’ve got a pair of headphones on, people are less likely to bug you as you stroll around. Plus, it’s a good excuse to pretend like you didn’t hear someone saying something or calling you out.

  1. Just be Happy and Comfortable

Whether you’re going on your first date or just a trip to a store, remember that wearing comfortable clothes is always the key. If you’re in a foul mood, wear something that’s comfortable and makes you feel happy. Clothing choice does affect a person’s mood, and simply wearing a piece that makes you smile is already enough to uplift your spirits.

Introverts don’t always have it easy, but you can always get by. There are various ways on how you can be a happy introvert, and hopefully the aforementioned tips can make your next stroll more comfortable and serene.


Best Sports Shoe Brands in the World


A large part of society today is driven by sports. Different sports have become some of the highest grossing spectacles in any part of the globe. Among the many aspects of sports, the sports shoe industry remains as one of the more successful if the not most. Now, there are many sports shoe brands that cater to different kinds of sports but the following brands are the best.


  1. Li-Ning

A brand based in China. Have been endorsed by Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade.


  1. K-Swiss

An American brand founded by Swiss brothers, K-Swiss is popular for its customizability and for classic styles.


  1. Asics

Asics is a brand popular among runners, trekkers, and people living the outdoor lifestyle.


  1. New Balance

It’s been around for more than a hundred years. New Balance is popular among runners and for active lifestyle shoes.


  1. Fila

A former Italian company that is now owned Korean-owned, Fila was popularly endorsed by the likes of Grant Hill and Boris Becker.


  1. Puma

Puma was once a company that stemmed out because of a disagreement in Adidas. It has since become distinct and a popular choice among football players like Pele and among Ferrari drivers.


  1. Converse

Converse has been under Nike since 2003. It used to be the official shoes of the NBA with endorsers like Wade, Bird, and Erving. Now, it makes its money out of the Chuck Taylor line of shoes.


  1. Reebok

Much like Converse is under Nike, Reebok has been under Adidas since 2005. Popular endorsers of Reebok were the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, and Eli Manning.


  1. Adidas

Adidas is a German-founded company that became famous on the three-stripe branding. Adidas is popular among football players and basketball players, and have since been endorsed by the likes of Beckham, Messi, Lillard, Rose, Howard, and Maravich.


  1. Nike

Nike remains to be the most popular shoe brand in the world and has supported numerous sports. But Nike mostly makes its mark on basketball with worldwide renowned superstar endorsers such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan.