Travelling in Twos: A Couple’s Guide When Travelling  


Now that airlines made travelling cheaper, couples can go outside Singapore not just once or twice but as often as we can. This opportunity should be grabbed while it is there. We do not know when airline prices will hike. Once we are decided to travel, the next challenge is choosing the right destination.


The good news is that regardless of the destination, there are many budget airlines offering discounts and promos. The bottom line here is wherever we want to go, there will always be a cheap seat for us. Travelling together provides more opportunities for the couple to explore each other’s adventurous side.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to cost us an arm or leg. When picking a destination or a perfect getaway, we have to factor in expenses like accommodation, activities and transportation. However, before the accommodation, activities and the transportation, the destination should be considered. Here are some themes that we can work upon when pinpointing the perfect destination:

  • Beach bum getaway: If we both love the waves and the sand, we have to consider the beach. If in this case we are into surfing, there are many surfing sights that we can consider. If we have to go out of Singapore to catch the perfect wave, we should. Things will be more enjoyable with our partners riding the waves with us. There’s Thailand and Philippines to consider.


  • Day trippers: Day tripping refers to a destination more than three to four hours away from our place. It usually involves driving. Driving the car is less expensive when we want to explore the nearby area. If we only have one day to spare, we should consider the nearest city (in our case, in Malaysia). We have to limit our activities during this trip. We can begin by trying local delicacies and landmarks.
  • Domestic travellers: Sometimes, we are a foreigner to our own land. We have to spend time exploring other areas and discover what it has to offer. We can fly from one city to another if we choose to.
  • Into the wild: There is nothing like the great outdoors. For outdoor fanatics out there, the ultimate dream is to camp in Africa. If we have enough budget, we should go to places known for their safe wild. Couples usually enjoy nature trips.

This should be enough to help us deciding the right destination. At the end of the day, the destination doesn’t matter as long as we are together, right?

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