Does a Low-Carb Diet Really Burn More Fat?  


Most people who want to lose fat nowadays have switched to a low-carb diet rather than low-fat or fat-free diet. As we know, carbs are also important because they serve as the body’s fuel for everyday activities. But what makes low-carb diet attractive is that the body supposedly switches its fuel source from carbohydrates to fat. Other than that, here are some other features of the low-carb diet.


Reduced blood-sugar level

A lot of carb sources contain high levels of sugar. Hence, eating on a low-carb diet means your sugar intake is much less. This means that blood-sugar levels will significantly drop.


Curbs hunger

Sugar tends to make us crave for more food. A lot of carbohydrate sources tend to have moderate to high amounts of sugar. So if you eat less carbs, tendency is that your appetite gets killed. No more craving for cake or a chocolate candy bar. Above all, no more late night cravings for a huge meal.


Gets rid of excess water

Insulin levels rise due to sugar. When you eat less carbs, insulin levels decrease dramatically and the kidneys start to get rid of sodium in the body. This will lead to a large amount of water weight being shredded off the body. That’s why most people who begin low-carb diets tend to see a rapid weight loss for the first week or two and a slower pace after that. This is because much of the weight you lose was water.


Lower levels of fat molecules

Triglycerides are fat molecules. What drives fat molecule levels up is fructose, which is a carbohydrate. Hence, cutting carbs means that fat molecule levels will be driven low.

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