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Does a Low-Carb Diet Really Burn More Fat?  


Most people who want to lose fat nowadays have switched to a low-carb diet rather than low-fat or fat-free diet. As we know, carbs are also important because they serve as the body’s fuel for everyday activities. But what makes low-carb diet attractive is that the body supposedly switches its fuel source from carbohydrates to fat. Other than that, here are some other features of the low-carb diet.


Reduced blood-sugar level

A lot of carb sources contain high levels of sugar. Hence, eating on a low-carb diet means your sugar intake is much less. This means that blood-sugar levels will significantly drop.


Curbs hunger

Sugar tends to make us crave for more food. A lot of carbohydrate sources tend to have moderate to high amounts of sugar. So if you eat less carbs, tendency is that your appetite gets killed. No more craving for cake or a chocolate candy bar. Above all, no more late night cravings for a huge meal.


Gets rid of excess water

Insulin levels rise due to sugar. When you eat less carbs, insulin levels decrease dramatically and the kidneys start to get rid of sodium in the body. This will lead to a large amount of water weight being shredded off the body. That’s why most people who begin low-carb diets tend to see a rapid weight loss for the first week or two and a slower pace after that. This is because much of the weight you lose was water.


Lower levels of fat molecules

Triglycerides are fat molecules. What drives fat molecule levels up is fructose, which is a carbohydrate. Hence, cutting carbs means that fat molecule levels will be driven low.

4 Diet-Friendly Sweets to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


When trying to lose weight, cutting out sweets can be the biggest challenge to achieving your goal. Eating low-fat or low-sugar desserts may not be as satisfying, and the result can be very strong cravings for fattening and sugary treats. Over-indulging can result to weight gain and will put your diet efforts to waste.


So, how can you satisfy your sweet tooth without sabotaging your diet? Here are some homemade dessert recipes you can enjoy, without causing damage to your waistline.

Banana and Oatmeal Cookies

The healthy ingredients of this recipe make it nutritious and surprisingly satisfying. Use rolled oats instead of regular oats, soy milk as substitute for full-fat milk, and canola oil instead of butter. Add in a few ripe bananas to add dimension to the flavour. These cookies are guilt-free treats as you can enjoy them with natural sweetness from the banana.

Yogurt Parfaits

Low-fat yogurt with fruits and granola make for a filling and healthy snack, and is definitely sweet enough to kill your sweet cravings. You can make healthy parfaits out of frozen low-fat yogurt and seasonally available fruits. Creamy yogurt layered with sliced up juicy fruits, topped with crunchy granola will keep you satisfied and fuelled up.


Rice Pudding

Simple swapping of ingredients can take this recipe to a healthier level. Make sure to choose skimmed milk over whole milk and use natural sweeteners instead of regular sugar. Infuse milk with whole spices, such as cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and cardamom, for a punch of flavour and aroma. As a serving suggestion, stir in some apricots, pistachios, and almonds to make your dessert more interesting and lend it with some crunch.

Fruit Smoothie

Still, nothing beats an all-natural fruit smoothie when it comes to satiating cravings while keeping everything light and healthy. Fruit smoothies made of fresh fruits, natural fruit juice, and low-fat milk or yogurt are a nutritious and delicious treat that conquers any sugar craving. And the best part? It only takes seconds to make and you can bring it anywhere with you—while on the way to work, strolling in the park, chilling on the beach, watching TV, etc.

Eating healthily doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the occasional treats. If your sugar cravings kick in, aim for lower-sugar options such as these four healthy sweet treats we mentioned above.


5 Bizarre Eats to try in Singapore


It may look weird, but it’s definitely a gastronomic experience to remember. Other than the world-famous chicken rice and fried noodles, there’s a whole lot more of interesting food offerings that the City of Lion has to offer. Here are some of the most unusual and downright bizarre eats you should try in Singapore.


  1. Fried Carrot Cake

All of us know what carrot cake is, but “fried” carrot cake? That’s new for many of us. Contrary to its name, Singapore’s version of carrot cake is neither a cake nor does it have even a tinge of carrot to it.  Instead, its core ingredients are white radish and rice flour; steamed, then cut into cubes before frying them in garlic, with eggs and chai poh (preserved radish).

  1. Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream

You’d be surprised of the number odd ice cream flavours there is when you’re in Singapore, but one that we find the most interesting and surprisingly delicious is the salted egg yolk flavour. While it sounds strange, it is a crowd favourite, which most say tastes like egg yolks found in mooncakes. It is not as salty as you thought it would be, and it’s creamier than expected.

  1. Durian

If you’re a local, you should be accustomed to the pungent smell of durian. But if you’re someone who has never met the King of Fruits yet, don’t dare miss to experience it first-hand. People in Singapore are generally divided into two camps: durian lovers and durian haters. To know which side you belong, experience for yourself how the fruit smells like hell but tastes like heaven.


  1. Ice Cream Sandwich

This one may not be as odd, but imagine eating ice cream wrapped in bread. Parked along the busy Orchard Street walkways, ice cream carts sell ice cream sandwiches for around a dollar. And if you don’t have the heart to try the fresh durian fruit, you can opt for a durian flavoured ice cream wrapped in bread or served in between wafers.

  1. Steamed Shark Head

Just throwing away anything is waste, that’s why some Singapore restaurants made a dish out of normally inedible shark head. There is no meat on it, except for some fat and gelatinous cartilage, which is what’s coveted by aficionados. A sweetened soy-sesame sauce is all it needs to add flavour to the dish, though some like it with stronger and more aromatic sauces.

Apart from breath-taking sights and panoramic sceneries, Singapore boasts a realm of unique and unforgettable flavours. Experience authentic Singapore gastronomy by trying some of these bizarre yet scrumptious Singaporean eats.