The Benefits of Carpooling

There is a growing number of people who prefer carpooling services here in Singapore. Some consider this as a “pirate” taxi service while others think of this as a simple arrangement to divide the bill. LTA (Land Transport Authority) should clarify this. According to, the largest carpooling site here in Singapore, there are about 15,000 people who use the service. It is expected that the number will rise to 20,000 by next year.


Many people are now appreciating carpooling. Carpooling means travelling while enjoying the comforts of the car in an environmental-friendly manner. Carpooling is encouraged because of the following reasons:

  • Green. Lesser cars on the road means lesser greenhouse emissions. As a result, there will be a significant reduction of the level of pollution (noise and air). It can also trim down the consumption of natural resources (fuel
  • Time. There are expressways that you can consider. It will surely limit your travelling time. If you are going to school or you are going to work, you will surely get there in time.
  • Cost. If you consider carpooling, you will surely save more. If you bring your car to work, you have to think of refuelling it plus the parking fee.
  • No stress. Some people get stressed when they see traffic or congestion. If you share a ride with others, the burden of enduring the traffic or congestion  is not that heavy.

Carpooling is a viable travel alternative that you can easily espouse. It will surely have a positive influence in your life. Apart from the things mentioned above, carpooling is safe and you will meet many friends along the way.


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