Perfect Fashion Hacks for Introverts

There are those of us who prefer watching a movie or sipping a cup of coffee at home. It’s not that they hate people or social interaction, but introverts can only take so much of it – and they need to be by themselves to relax and recharge. Oftentimes, even if you don’t feel like it, you need to venture out into the world socialize with other people. Sure, it can be really stressful but practising any of the following fashion hacks will definitely make the entire process more bearable for you.


  1. Sport a Big Hat

Hate making eye contacts with strangers? Then wear a hat with a nice wide brim to alleviate those pesky incidence. A baseball cap is a good option, since it’s fairly common and goes with various style profiles. A straw sun hat or a cowboy hat will also do the trick, but be careful with it looking too snazzy. Anything unique that could be considered as a ‘statement piece’ will likely draw attention than repel it.

  1. Opt for Neutral Shades of Clothing

On a study conducted by a group of researchers in Singapore about how a person can be more approachable, they found that wearing a blue coloured clothing makes you appear more amicable. That said, it’d be best to avoid wearing clothing pieces in such colour if you’re looking to avoid people. Green, tan, teal and peachy-orange as also considered to be most approachable and friendly-looking colour, so going for a drab black, white or grey would be your best bet to appear neutral and blend in.

  1. Don a Sweatshirt or a Hooded Coat

There’s just nothing more comfortable than wearing a good hoodie. What’s more amazing about wearing one is you can always put the hood on to make you seem more a little closed off. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but there’s just something about a person with their hood over their head and their hands on their pocket that says, ‘don’t talk to me.’


  1. Plug in Your Earphones

These days, it’s become more acceptable to walk around with a pair of headphones on. If you’ve got a pair of headphones on, people are less likely to bug you as you stroll around. Plus, it’s a good excuse to pretend like you didn’t hear someone saying something or calling you out.

  1. Just be Happy and Comfortable

Whether you’re going on your first date or just a trip to a store, remember that wearing comfortable clothes is always the key. If you’re in a foul mood, wear something that’s comfortable and makes you feel happy. Clothing choice does affect a person’s mood, and simply wearing a piece that makes you smile is already enough to uplift your spirits.

Introverts don’t always have it easy, but you can always get by. There are various ways on how you can be a happy introvert, and hopefully the aforementioned tips can make your next stroll more comfortable and serene.


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