Meet the Parents: 5 Ways to Impress Your Guy’s Parents

When it comes to meeting your beau’s parents, a good first impression could mean everything! So, if you’re meeting the family for the first time, especially if it’s over a big, lovely dinner, practice these 5 tips to impress his mom and dad.


  1. Dress Appropriately. On your first time meeting his parents, take particular care to wear something appropriate and modest. Refrain from exposing too much skin and prefer a homey look over a stylish one. Don’t dress on something you usually wear for a night out, and choose a dress with a conservative neckline and a length that’s an inch or two above the knee.


  1. Keep Your Makeup Simple. Its fine to wear makeup, but don’t expect to win them over with smokey eyeshadow and bright lip colour. Keep your makeup clean and simple; just enough to enhance your natural features.


  1. Be Polite. Wearing the right clothes and makeup makes you look charming, but nothing beats good manners for pleasing people you just met. Flash a simple smile, show interest in meeting the family, and engage in conversations. Also, don’t forget to compliment his mom’s cooking if she happened to cook. She’ll surely love you for that.


  1. Refrain from PDA. Another important thing to remember is to not be overly affectionate towards your guy when in front of his parents. You can sit next to him, but as much as possible, avoid holding hands. Sure, they know that you two may have been up to some mischief, but there’s no need to flash it in their faces. Not only is it awkward, it can also speak badly of you.


  1. Stay Calm and Collected. However nervous you’re feeling, act as calm as you can be. Not only will it send a sign that you’re easy to get along with, it’ll also make them feel more comfortable around you. But don’t interrupt out of nervousness, too, as they might see it as an act of rudeness and not anxiety.

Now that you’ve learned some ways on how you to make good impression to his parents, all that’s left for you to do now is just be yourself. Sure enough, they’ll be able to see the reasons why their son is just so into you.


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