How to Cope with Your Job

Doing your job sometimes means going beyond the call of duty to accomplish a thing. Going beyond the call of duty occasionally entails doing something that is completely ridiculous. You have no choice but to follow it without questioning or objecting it if you want to keep your job. In fact, there is a study sponsored by JobsCentral conducted from May-June 2013 that shows 2 out of 5 Singaporeans received strange requests from their boss which is not included in their job description.

Sometimes, the best way is to follow the boss’s strange requests without objections. But as an employee, you have the right to decline any job that you did not sign up for. Surviving your current job is important unless you are thinking of looking for another job which is a lot harder. It is crucial that you have strategies to survive your job. Here are some strategies that you can consider:


1. Start the day right. Thinking that every day is a new day takes a lot of patience and mind setting. You should avoid negative things and focus more on the positive side of everything.

2. Be healthy. When you are healthy, chances are you can endure everything including your difficult or strange boss. You have to eat right and exercise regularly.

 3. Get along with co-workers. The workplace will not be that bad if you get along with your co-workers. If you get along with your co-workers, you will help each other in times of difficulties.

 4. Balance. No matter how busy you are from work, it is important that you balance it. Allot time with the family and social life. Do not just give all your time in your work because you will be exhausted.

 5. Maintain distance. If you noticed that your boss is different or strange, it is good if you maintain your distance. Do not get too close because familiarity breeds contempt.

 6. Know when to quit. If all else fails, why force yourself to deal with your job? It is not practical to quit but if takes many good things about you, you should risk it. There is always the right work for you. Take time to discover it.

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