How to Boost Our PC  


If our PC is a little older, we do not expect that it will run efficiently like the new ones but it can still do well given the circumstance. Instead of buying new units, we can make the most out of our old PC. We only need to give it a boost.


We can look for professionals to help us in terms of boosting our PC. For sure they have something that can assist us. If not, we can boost our PC personally. We have to learn few tricks and not depend on professionals all the time.

So, here’s how:

  • Avoid unnecessary startups: When we turn on our PC, we will notice that it takes time to launch because there are many programs. Sometimes, these programs are unnecessary. We can do away with startups by removing some unnecessary programs. Let’s head to our “Start” button and then click on “Run”. We have to type “msconfig” and then click enter. The search bar will pop up and then we have to click “Startup” tab. We can decide then what programs to untick anyway we can manually open it.


  • Defragment our disks: Actually, information are stored in different sections when we change or save file. This will slow down our computer because it needs to look through different sections. Defragmentation can help boost our PC. We have to go to “Computer” and click on Local Disk C. After that, we have to click on Properties then Tools and Defragment Now. It might take a while but we can just run it in the background so it will not be too much trouble.
  • Clear the cache: We should not only clear our browsing history but also our cache in the browsers. By default, our PC accumulates files every time we visit a page. This will slow down our PC. To prevent this from affecting our PC’s performance, we only need to visit our browser history and cache.


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