How Much Will It Cost You To Live In Singapore?

Many people are thinking twice about relocating to Singapore because of the cost of living. You should not think that way because as long as there is an opportunity to work, you will never run out of money. Basic necessities like food, transportation and clothing are quite affordable in Singapore since the government is monitoring it. What will cost you is the housing, car, school fees and other allowances. But if you manage your resources well, you will find that living in Singapore can be comfortable.


Costs of living are divided into:


You can choose between condominiums, private apartments, flats and apartments. The cost is relative to different features like nearness to the city, facilities, furnishings, etc.


Food is not that expensive in Singapore but then again that depends on how extravagant you are. You can choose to dine out or just eat in the house.

Health care

Singapore’s health care is ranked one of the best. If you have health insurance, there are no problems but if you don’t have one, better start saving for it so when the time comes, you will not worry for the mounting medical bills.


Utilities include electricity, internet and water bill, gas, mobile phone subscriptions, channel subscriptions, etc. you pay every month.


You have the chance to send your child to public or private institutions. Either way, you will be assured that your child will learn from the best. Local government schools and international schools in Singapore are renowned locally and internationally because of its curriculum and standards.


Singapore is famous for expats because of the low income tax rates. The government is doing this to encourage tax savings from taxpayers.


Miscellaneous includes electronics and appliances that you might purchase. This is not a big issue since there are electronics and appliances that are inexpensive. Aside from that, prices of newspapers, cigarettes, concert, movie passes are relatively cheap.

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