Children’s Season 2013

As a parent, you should do your best to provide for your kids. Aside from the basic needs (such as food, clothing, security and education), you have to promote the kid’s mental, social, emotional and physical well-being. There are many activities that can facilitate their overall well-being. You just need to look for that perfect activity, support your kid and be there for them. Your presence and love can make a big difference at the end of the day.

In Singapore, there are many activities that give importance to kids and their development. The government is also giving importance to family and youth. This is all for the national development. In this case, if you are thinking about activities that your kids can join, here’s a list of things you can consider:


Children’s Season 2013

The Children’s Season is an activity that presents military training, parade and battlefield fighting to the public. It will be on May 18 to June 30, 2013 at the Army Museum of Singapore (10am to 6pm except on Mondays). There are many activities in store for your kids there. The admission for children will cost S$3.00 while S$5.00 is asked from adults.

Science Centre Singapore

The centre houses theatres and observatories with the best telescope. Aside from that, there’s Snow City. Your kids will be awed.

Singapore Discovery Centre

SDC features galleries and exhibits about the Singapore Armed Forces. There are many interactive displays the kids can feel and experience.

Singapore Zoo

As a parent, you should teach your kids how to love and respect other life forms. In the zoo, they will see a lot of animals and they will appreciate their existence.

There are many places that offer different experience and learning that you can consider. Kids will surely enjoy the places.

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