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6 Reasons to Fall in Love With Singapore

Singapore is said to be the Southeast Asian version of New York City. It may be small on the map, but much like New York, this little city has an entire world to offer. And even if people described the city-state as a playground for the rich, the Little Red Dot can still be as awe-inspiring even if you put all the luxurious and extraordinary experiences aside.

There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with Singapore, and we bet you’d be just as impressed as most globetrotters are. Here are six of our favourite reasons why we truly love and adore the City of Lion.

  1. It has the best airport in the world

Singapore’s Changi International Airport is consistently voted as the world’s best airport by both consumer and industry polls. When you get a glimpse of the airport’s movie theatre, swimming pool, beauty centers and even nature trails, you’ll be begging to have your flight delayed in Singapore.

  1. The weather is predictable

The weather is pretty decisive here. When it rains, it pours (literally!), and when it shines, it really is blaring hot. Either way, it’s almost always warm, so it’s easier to get dressed. Just make sure to bring an umbrella with you to protect you from extreme weather condition.

  1. There’s always something anytime, anywhere

The city is still alive even after sundown. People are still busy and shops are still open for business. When you forgot to buy bae an anniversary gift or you desperately need an outfit for an event in the morning, the long retail hours are your lifesaver.

  1. The city is immaculately clean

Litter on the ground or garbage along sidewalks are practically non-existent that you’d wonder where they would throw their garbage. Everything, from public transportations to the city streets to the benches on the sidewalk, are unbelievably clean.

  1. It’s one of the safest, if not the safest city of the world

When you visit Singapore, you’ll be confident to explore the city even in the wee hours of the day without the fear of getting robbed. This speaks volumes about how safe Singapore is and how disciplined the people are.

  1. It’s a multi-cultural city

Not many countries can claim that they’re a multi-cultural land, which makes the Little Red Dot even more special. In Singapore, people celebrate Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya Haji and Christmas; people eat nasi lemak, Indian curry, chicken rice, pasta and bread and burger and fries. It’s like living in a big, happy family when you’re in Singapore.

Whether you’re visiting Singapore for business or just for vacation, there’s so much to enjoy in this little city-state. See Singapore for yourself, and discover more reasons to love the City of Lion.

Experiencing Authentic Singaporean Cuisine


Are you craving for Singaporean food? Or perhaps you’re interested in trying out Singaporean cuisine for the first time. If you’re in London, there are plenty of options for a Singaporean restaurant such as the Nox – Dine In The Dark Restaurant. You can drop by to experience yourself what it’s like to live the relaxed lifestyle in Singapore, all while savouring in the goodness of the intense flavours authentic Singaporean cuisine is known for.

You might want to know how the dishes are being prepared and pay attention to those restaurants preparing dishes using traditional methods. This could be the closest thing to an Singaporean home cooked meal that you could indulge yourself in while you’re in Nox. You can also go a bit experimental and try out fusion entries in the restaurant’s menu.


Reasons to Try Singaporean Food

Singaporean cuisine relies heavily on the use of herbs, sauces and seafoods. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider giving Singaporean food a try.

  • It’s generally budget-friendly. You don’t have to spend a fortune just to try it. Don’t be intimidated by the first-class dining experience Nox – Dine In The Dark Restaurant aspires to provide customers like you. They may look expensive, but they are actually very affordable. After all, the decor and ambience also take part in creating an authentic Singaporean dining experience.
  • It tastes great. It might take you some time to get yourself used to the rich flavours. But note that Singaporean restaurants also strive to use only the finest ingredients for the food they serve. This includes fresh vegetables and tender meat, which would be hard not to love.

  • It offers healthy choices. Singaporean food provides a healthy alternative to fast food meals. Singaporean cuisine puts emphasis on plant-based ingredients, which the vegetarian in you would appreciate for sure. If you want to skip meat, you’d still have several choices in the menu.


How To Choose a Singaporean Restaurant?

Singaporean restaurants want their customers to experience the taste of the real Singapore. You will then find restaurants carefully designed with classic lines, traditional embellishments, and patterns you would find in Singapore. On the other hand, if you are enjoying your order from home, you can as well use online reviews as reference. Ask your friends about any Singaporean restaurants they’ve already tried and loved, and start from there. Go ask about their favourite Singaporean dishes. You don’t have to wait until you travel to Singapore to taste exquisite Singaporean cuisine as there are restaurants such as Nox – Dine In The Dark Restaurant.

The Best Views in Singapore


Singapore is one of the most visited cities in the world according to the latest survey conducted by Euromonitor, a market research firm. This goes to show that many tourists prefer the iconic Marina Bay Sands (MBS) over any other landmarks. Visitors think and glorify MBS but locals know better. There are many views in Singapore worth the travel.

If you have visitors around, it is time that you think about their itinerary. Start by taking them to places where locals would want to go. What are the places here with the best views? Here’s some:


  • Henderson Waves: If hiking is your thing, the best thing that you can do is to hike through Southern Ridges. The ridges are a ten kilometre trail that links Labrador Reserve, Kent Ridge, HortPark, Telok Blangah Hill and Mount Faber. The hike will bring you to Henderson Waves which is the highest pedestrian bridge here. Your visitor will surely enjoy many vantage points while hiking.


  • PARKROYAL: Visitors just think that there is only Gardens by the Bay to marvel. You have to know that there is also one sky garden that will take your visitor’s breath away. PARKROYAL on Pickering is one remarkable piece of architecture. The visitor will be surprised to literally see a hotel filled with gardens.


  • Pinnacle@Duxton: Talk about iconic landmarks, the city also boasts of The Pinnacle@Duxton. It is a residential building that comes with a sky bridge at the 26th There is also a sky park at the 50th floor which is open to all. There is however an entrance fee. For only $5, you can get a stunning view of the district.


  • SkyPark at Vivocity: Another place offering magnificent view is SkyPark at Vivocity. While your visitors are enjoying shopping, you can take them to the SkyPark and they will be delighted to see water features.


  • New Asia Bar: The New Asia Bar was the first place to offer wine and dine above nestled in 71 floors. Although a bit old, the place still has the charm that other competitors cannot contend.


  • LeVel33: If you want to bring your visitor to a scenic place somewhere around the Central Business District, LeVel33 is definitely the place to be. The place is actually the world’s highest brewery. Beer pairing is more interesting these days.


These are just some of the places worth visiting. Your visitors will surely see Singapore differently – it is also a place to have fun.


5 Bizarre Eats to try in Singapore


It may look weird, but it’s definitely a gastronomic experience to remember. Other than the world-famous chicken rice and fried noodles, there’s a whole lot more of interesting food offerings that the City of Lion has to offer. Here are some of the most unusual and downright bizarre eats you should try in Singapore.


  1. Fried Carrot Cake

All of us know what carrot cake is, but “fried” carrot cake? That’s new for many of us. Contrary to its name, Singapore’s version of carrot cake is neither a cake nor does it have even a tinge of carrot to it.  Instead, its core ingredients are white radish and rice flour; steamed, then cut into cubes before frying them in garlic, with eggs and chai poh (preserved radish).

  1. Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream

You’d be surprised of the number odd ice cream flavours there is when you’re in Singapore, but one that we find the most interesting and surprisingly delicious is the salted egg yolk flavour. While it sounds strange, it is a crowd favourite, which most say tastes like egg yolks found in mooncakes. It is not as salty as you thought it would be, and it’s creamier than expected.

  1. Durian

If you’re a local, you should be accustomed to the pungent smell of durian. But if you’re someone who has never met the King of Fruits yet, don’t dare miss to experience it first-hand. People in Singapore are generally divided into two camps: durian lovers and durian haters. To know which side you belong, experience for yourself how the fruit smells like hell but tastes like heaven.


  1. Ice Cream Sandwich

This one may not be as odd, but imagine eating ice cream wrapped in bread. Parked along the busy Orchard Street walkways, ice cream carts sell ice cream sandwiches for around a dollar. And if you don’t have the heart to try the fresh durian fruit, you can opt for a durian flavoured ice cream wrapped in bread or served in between wafers.

  1. Steamed Shark Head

Just throwing away anything is waste, that’s why some Singapore restaurants made a dish out of normally inedible shark head. There is no meat on it, except for some fat and gelatinous cartilage, which is what’s coveted by aficionados. A sweetened soy-sesame sauce is all it needs to add flavour to the dish, though some like it with stronger and more aromatic sauces.

Apart from breath-taking sights and panoramic sceneries, Singapore boasts a realm of unique and unforgettable flavours. Experience authentic Singapore gastronomy by trying some of these bizarre yet scrumptious Singaporean eats.