Somerset MRT Skatepark

Well, yeah. A lot of us enjoy the city and the tall structures and the fancy this and that. But some of us are looking for something a little more adventurous. Maybe you’ve grown up with rock music or used to be a big fan of skate and street culture, there’s a perfect place in Singapore for you.

Not everyone enjoys street culture. The graffiti for some is a bit too outspoken to the point that they do not appreciate it anymore. Street culture has grown both ways! Both good and bad. But hey, don’t worry, there’s a place where the culture is not only preserved but also celebrated! Being young usually means you have so much energy and adrenaline inside of you. Skating is a great way for you to let out that energy and just enjoy the sport in itself. Well, skateboarding is more than just a sport, it is a way of life!

Most people do not understand that skating is a culture in itself. The surfers are already recognized for their culture. I mean, how couldn’t you recognize them. It’s pretty obvious that they surf in the water and compared to skateboard culture, there isn’t much places where it is celebrated. Skateboards in some places are considered to be just a toy but there is so much more to that board than being just a toy.

Back in the day, the skateboard movement started and it caught fire all over the world! Even people from Singapore caught a glimpse of skateboard culture! Why wouldn’t it? There’s a lot of art to the skateboard movement. The graffiti and vandalism, the music, the clothing, the lifestyle, and the boards themselves have a lot of meaning to them.

Now, where in Singapore can we enjoy skateboarding culture in peace? You can find a small skatepark right next to the Somerset MRT! Get to see skateboarders do tricks all around the park and enjoy the visual art of the vandalism everywhere! Singapore has given this park to the skaters, this is something you should definitely not miss.

Skating is a culture and it is a great thing that Singapore itself respects that culture. Leaving the park open for anyone who wants to skate, this is a great way to learn and make friends. Chilling by the park is also something you are free to do.

There are so many places in Singapore where most locals do not appreciate. But not you, check out the skatepark next to the Somerset MRT and discover a whole new world inside the city of Singapore.