Three Month Rule for a Clean Home

Ever heard of the three month rule? Well, even if you haven’t it doesn’t matter at all. We’re talking about another three month rule here. This three month rule is guaranteed to give you a cleaner and more breathable home! “Home is where the heart is.” this is one of the most famous lines we’ve ever heard describing the sanctity and importance of our home. The rooms of our house become the very ground we call ours. As human beings, shelter is a very basic need. But then again, the sentimental emotions inside of us beg to think of our home as just a house, instead, we give greater value to our home as it is not just a place where we belong, it is also a place that belongs to us.

What some people do not understand though is that having a home comes with certain responsibilities. This means that your house is entrusted to you and you have to take care of her no matter what. Now, what does this say about cleanliness? Well, if we care about something, we obviously won’t allow that thing to go on unpolished. Keeping our houses clean reflects the respect we give to the idea of home. There is definitely no place like home.

Now, going to the three month rule. This rule is actually pretty basic. All you need to do is take out the things you haven’t used in the last three months. That’s it? Yup! That’s it. You see, when it comes to things that are necessary, sometimes a lot of them aren’t even useful. Why let those things clutter up your homes if they do not even serve a purpose from the start.

Let’s start with your clothes. This may be the hardest to give up as most of your clothes have been collected over the number of years. But let’s face it, you can’t use them anymore. And even if you did, you wouldn’t actually want to. You’d just use them for the sake of saving them from being thrown out. Well, there are certain exceptions to this rule like that fancy suit you’ve been saving up for which you only use during rare occasions. But now talking about the rest of your wardrobe, some things have to go.

Your clothes aren’t the only things that need to be sorted out. There are also books, furniture, games, gadgets, and so much more things that could minimize the clutter around in your home.