See the International Smash Hit

Have you heard about Stomp? Stomp is back in Singapore to perform. They will again rock Singapore with new routines, latest music and choreography. The theatrical show has become a hit for more than 22 years with multiple awards. The group uses body and ordinary objects (like trolleys, plastic bags, bin covers, etc.) to create a lively performance.

The group is composed of eight individuals or performers that do things in harmony to create rhythm, dance and portray emotions. When you hear the stomping, drumming and other feel-good noises, you will surely feel the rush and the happiness. This is a must-see theatrical show. Many people will surely not miss it especially if they read the phrase “back and better than ever”. Try not to miss it.  Here are some things you need to know about the show:


When: You can choose what day to watch. The show will begin on June 18 (7:30pm). The next show will be on June 19 (7:30pm) followed by June 20 (7:30pm), June 21 (7:30pm), June 22 (2:00pm and 7:30pm) and June 23 (1:00pm and 5:00pm).

Where: Where else? Go directly to 10 Bayfront Avenue and head to Marina Bay Sands- Sands Theatre and try not to be late.

Restrictions: The show is for all. You can bring your kids here if you want. It will surely stimulate their creativity and imagination not to mention they can appreciate theatrical performances at an early age.

Tickets: If you want to get the best seat, you should book early. Early birds are entitled to choose their own seat. For VIP seats, expect S$150.00. A Reserve charges S$130.00, B Reserve charges S$105.00, C Reserve charges S$85.00 and D Reserve charges S$65.00.

Stomp may not return for a long time so grab this opportunity. Enjoy!

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