Creepiest Place on Earth

There are Singaporeans who are excited for Halloween especially that there are many attractions here in Singapore. For this year, if you want to get your chill, you have to go to the creepiest place on earth. Of course, this is not for the faint-hearted. If you think you can endure the fright, you should consider the list given by

P1150545 featured a list of creepiest places on Earth. Here are some places featured by that will guarantee to spook you and everyone around you:

  • Louisiana: Louisiana is in New Orleans. Visitors can feel the horror with New Orleans Host Tour. You will be transported to the time where slaves are brutally tortured by Madame LaLaurie. The city also explores its vampire past together with visitors.
  • India: In Rajasthan, you will feel the chills if you visit the Bhangarh Fort. The fort is the most haunted place ever written in the history of India. The fort is said to be cursed by a sorcerer who got angry because his love for the princess was ignored. Whoever comes in there after sunset will not return.


  • Massachusetts: In Salem, you will be transported back to the time when everyone was accused of practising witchcraft. Perhaps you heard about the Salem Witch Trial. The trial executed about 19 women because they were believed to practice witchcraft.
  • Scotland: If you really want to haunt ghosts and other paranormal activities, you should head to Edinburgh. If you remember history, the plague caused thousands of people to die. People were left to rot and die in tunnels and underground streets. You must visit the South Bridge Vaults and the Mary King’s Close.

Cheapflights also identified Prague (Czech Republic), Kimberley (South Africa), London (England), Victoria (Australia) and Chicago (Illinois). If you want to see these places, you should make your preparations. The offering is all throughout the year so there is no problem if you go there after the Halloween.


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