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10 Video Games Based on History


Age of Empires


Age of Empires Series is a real-time strategy game based on various human civilizations that have developed since the Stone Age. The player is required to gather and use resources. The civilization chosen by the player comes with its own set of attributes that will have an effect on the development of technology and survival.


Assassin’s Creed


The first game in the series was set in the Crusades. It follows a fictionalized Order of the Assassins inspired by the medieval Nizari Ismailis in a centuries-long conflict with the Templars. Each game includes historical figures from different periods in world history.


Call of Duty 1, 2 and 3


Call of Duty Series is a first-person shooter game. The first up to the third Call of Duty games were loosely based on World War II. Call of Duty 4 and the subsequent releases were set in modern times. The games were told from the perspectives of the American, British and Red Army soldiers.




Civilization Series is a turn-based strategy game. The player will have to overcome conditions set in the game and by other players. The goal is to build a civilization that will last through time which begins in 1 A.D. and continues to the present and even beyond. The technology will depend on what’s available and takes into consideration the environmental factors and political climate with neighbors.



Conflict Series, which currently has five games in its franchise, is inspired by modern events. It’s a tactical third-person shooter game. The first game was set in the Persian Gulf War. The second game was set Gulf War, while the third in Vietnam War.


Dynasty Warriors


Dynasty Warriors Series or Shin Sangokumusou is probably the most well-known video game adaptation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It’s a tactical action video game where you can control any one of the numerous warriors.


Oregon Trail


Oregon Trail Series was inspired by the 19th century settling of Willamette Valley in Oregon. The player will guide his companions on the journey. These party members could die from various causes and the player must also hunt for food supplies to survive.


Red Dead Redemption


Red Dead Redemption is a Western open-world action-adventure game set in the 1911 American Frontier. It features the Old West—Western United States and Mexico. The lead character of the game is the outlaw John Marston whose loved ones were taken by the government.


Samurai Warriors


Samurai Warriors Series or Sengoku Musou is based on the Sengoku jidai or Warring States period of Japan. The game mechanics is similar to that of Dynasty Warriors i which you can control any one of the characters available. The battles are loosely based on the real fights in history.


Total War


Total War Series is a strategy game which combines turn-based gameplay when gathering resources and real-time control during battles. The setting for each game varies. The first, Shogun: Total War, was set in Japan’s Sengoku period.

Advantages of Switching to Managed IT Services

Some small and mid-sized companies in Singapore are already turning to Managed Service Providers (MSP) to ease the strain on their internal IT staff and to completely take over in managing their network. From having a better understanding of your assets to getting reliable IT services, working with an MSP certainly offers some advantages for both small and big-time businesses. Here, we listed down the other benefits that you will get as you start working with a managed IT service provider.


1. Cost-Effective

One advantage of switching to managed IT services is it cuts down your costs on managing and maintaining your IT resources. Unlike with your IT staff, service providers are capable of managing the daily operations of your IT environment in a cost-effective manner. Switching to managed IT services also gives you an assurance that your hardware and applications are maintained and fine-tuned to the highest industry standards without costing too much.

2. Reduced Labour Cost

Hiring and training an IT staff for your business can be expensive – and it could also lead to disappointments if your staff failed to live up to your expectations. With managed services, however, you get to cut down on the labour costs and ensure that your system is properly monitored and maintained. Plus, switching to managed IT services will allow you to focus your human resources on areas that need it the most.

3. Efficient Budgeting

Planning for your business’s technological needs can be difficult, since things can instantly change when a server or a computer suddenly crashes – and when that happens, your budget will likely get busted because of the unplanned system repairs. With managed IT services, however, you get set a fixed monthly cost and prepare a budget for system upgrades. Some service providers even offer repair and service work in addition to the maintenance services that’s already included in the contract.

4. Staff Expertise

Another advantage of partnering with an outsource technology company in Singapore is gaining access to their staff’s expertise IT systems, works and services. These companies that provide IT services in Singapore have a whole staff ready to take on any issue that may arise on your network. Remember that a reliable technology provider invests in its workforce to ensure that every one of them are certified and skilled enough to perform the services they are offering.

5. Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Most businesses in Singapore currently has no way of monitoring their network at all times and be immediately informed when a potential problem arises. But by hiring an IT service provider, you will get the 24/7 system monitoring that you want. This can be a beneficial feature for your business, because the earlier a system problem is realized the earlier it will be resolved. Round-the-clock monitoring allows for most issues to be discovered and resolved before they turn into major problems that could result to a significant system downtime.


6. Comprehensive Reporting

Getting an insight about the network activity of your business is crucial for determining how you will allocate your budget for future use, as well as in knowing what your employees are doing online. Without a comprehensive report, you won’t have a way to know what problems have already been resolved, where the problems frequently occurs or which area of your network needs support. Most MSP’s are capable of providing in-depth reports about problem mediation, error messaging, as well as user activity so you will know and understand what’s happening on your system network.

7. Enhanced System Security

System security is a common concern among business owners, and updating it from time to time is a crucial aspect in protecting your business’s technology. Some IT service providers provide packages that offer solutions in monitoring your Anti-Virus and Firewall, and in applying the latest patches and updates to ensure that your system is as protected as possible.

8. System Centralization

With a managed IT network, you will benefit from the ability to centralize all your servers and applications within a managed data centre, which could also lead to improved staff performance. Other than that, having a consolidated data centre also offers access to virtual services and backup and storage infrastructure.

9. Disaster Recovery

One of the touted advantages of switching to managed IT services is the disaster recovery and business continuity protection offered by managed service providers. These providers are capable of designing operational and resilient data centres or networks that you can use even after your business has been hit by a disaster. You will be assured that your data is safe and that your voice services will continue functioning even without your main office. So be sure to take advantage of this invaluable technological investment offer by managed IT service providers.

10. Levels the Playing Field

Aside from maintaining IT systems, managed service providers also help in levelling the playing field for big and small businesses. It helps small companies by giving them access to similar expertise and technology that bigger organizations use. Switching to managed IT service providers will surely give your business an edge over other companies.

By switching to managed IT services, all types of business can now afford to invest on cutting-edge enterprise technologies at a fraction of the cost. Investing on these technologies and services will surely help your business in staying relevant and competing against other corporations in the market – and your clients will surely thank you for that.