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How to Choose the Best Car Wash Soap

Choosing the best car wash soap is one of the most important considerations for properly washing your car. You want to have that confidence and peace of mind that your car soap solution has the most car-friendly chemical and not something that will work against your car’s surface. Otherwise, your regular routine will only work on efficiently peeling off that layer of car paint and protection over time. When it comes to choosing the best car wash soap, there are certain considerations Singaporeans have to bear in mind such as the following:


Choose the car wash soap that has neutral pH balance

The best car wash soap is one that has neutral pH balance so make sure that you check carefully what the label says when it comes to its pH balance. You wouldn’t want to use acidic car wash soap on your car as this will only strip your car of its sealant and cause major damage in the long run. You’ll know that it’s acidic when the pH balance is already more than seven.

Choose the car wash soap that has high foaming capability

Look for a car wash soap that claims to have high foaming capability. You want to wash your car with a lot of foamy solution not only because it’s fun to do so but also because it’s the best way to wash your car. The thick foamy solution acts as lubricant and carefully peels away any dirt and grime that are stuck on the car surface. Ultimately, this makes your car washing safe, easier, and enjoyable.


Consider what the car wash soap manufacturer is saying

Pay careful attention to the labels on each car wash soap. Some manufacturers may offer a lot of supposedly great novel features on their car wash soap. You might want to be cautious when considering at the promised features as more aggressive car wash soap may only do more harm than good to your car. When it comes to this case, it’s best to just stick to what’s already proven and tested. Better not take chances on your car.

Choose the car wash soap from a reputable manufacturer

When it comes to the car wash soap industry, a high price tag does not necessarily guarantee reliable car wash soap. You may find equally reliable car wash soaps at even lower prices. It’s better to consider a boutique car wash soap manufacturer that has been producing such products for the longest time. You’ll find that these manufacturers are the most dependable ones.


How to Choose the Best High Visibility Work Apparel

There are numerous occupations in Singapore that require working in an environment with low light conditions. Samples of these occupations are road construction, survey crews, emergency medical services, hi-way traffic enforcers, and the police force. This is why we most frequently see people working in these fields wear high visibility work apparel. Their high visibility work apparel has become an important and necessary safety feature for their jobs where poor visibility conditions can cause serious work hazards. It is important that both employers and employees follow the required safety considerations for such safety work apparel.


Consider the nature of your job

The right high visibility work apparel depends on the nature of your job. Each job poses different work hazards and requires different levels of protection so your choice of safety work apparel will depend mostly on these considerations. For most occupations, employers will inform their employees the description of the right safety apparel suitable to the nature of their work while some companies go as far as even providing the apparel for their employees.

Consider the quality of material used

When it comes to high visibility work apparel, you often get what you pay for. This means it’s wiser to consider this as an investment. Most of the reliable models of this type are expensive but you can rely on its durability and functionality. You’ll want reliable work apparel that will provide you utmost protection as you go to work every day and not just some cheap low quality work apparel that will easily wear out due to frequent use.


Consider the different classes among safety work apparel

The American National Standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear is the one that sets the acceptable standards when it comes to safety work apparel. The standards are classified into four classes according to the level of protection needed by an occupation or work environment. The guidelines dictate not just the type of safety apparel that should be used but also describes the work environment for each classification.

For example, you can expect seeing parking lot attendants only wearing a high visibility safety vest as they fall under the category of ANSCI Class 1. A traffic enforcer falls under ANSCI Class 2 and should wear a high visibility shirt or jacket. A construction worker falls under ANSCI Class 3 and is expected to wear a high visibility shirt, workpants, coveralls, and jackets.