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What You Need to Know about FTA

The EU (European Union)- Singapore FTA (Free Trade Agreement) is pushing forward. Singapore’s president Tony Tan Keng Yam visited Budapest, Hungary on November 12, 2013. He was received by Hungary’s president Janos Ader. President Tan went to Hungary to gather support for the early approval of FTA. The two president converged and tackled about strengthening Singapore-Hungary ties in the field of trade and research. In 2012, Hungary was the fourteenth biggest trading partner of Singapore. The FTA will come into full swing in 2015.


The FTA is good news for both countries and its people. What are the benefits of engaging into FTAs?

Market Access

The government find FTA desirable because it widens market access. Under a FTA, companies are given admission to a wider market. This is good for the consumers because they are given various choices of goods at reasonable prices.



When you say wider market access, it will invite more FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). FDI refers to a venture/s created by foreign organizations/companies in a specific country. FDI may also refer to the entire value of the organization/company’s investment.


Generation of jobs

FTA is two way – local companies will feel a gush in competition and as for the other side, it can result to job losses because of the moving of production. But it should not be seen this way. FTA is beneficial for both countries. For the exporters, fresh market opportunities can generate jobs.

This is a sensitive issue for other economists and governments. The presidents know what they are doing. After all, the decision of engaging in FTA was studied thoroughly and meticulously. That means both countries can benefit from it.

How to Cope with Your Job

Doing your job sometimes means going beyond the call of duty to accomplish a thing. Going beyond the call of duty occasionally entails doing something that is completely ridiculous. You have no choice but to follow it without questioning or objecting it if you want to keep your job. In fact, there is a study sponsored by JobsCentral conducted from May-June 2013 that shows 2 out of 5 Singaporeans received strange requests from their boss which is not included in their job description.

Sometimes, the best way is to follow the boss’s strange requests without objections. But as an employee, you have the right to decline any job that you did not sign up for. Surviving your current job is important unless you are thinking of looking for another job which is a lot harder. It is crucial that you have strategies to survive your job. Here are some strategies that you can consider:


1. Start the day right. Thinking that every day is a new day takes a lot of patience and mind setting. You should avoid negative things and focus more on the positive side of everything.

2. Be healthy. When you are healthy, chances are you can endure everything including your difficult or strange boss. You have to eat right and exercise regularly.

 3. Get along with co-workers. The workplace will not be that bad if you get along with your co-workers. If you get along with your co-workers, you will help each other in times of difficulties.

 4. Balance. No matter how busy you are from work, it is important that you balance it. Allot time with the family and social life. Do not just give all your time in your work because you will be exhausted.

 5. Maintain distance. If you noticed that your boss is different or strange, it is good if you maintain your distance. Do not get too close because familiarity breeds contempt.

 6. Know when to quit. If all else fails, why force yourself to deal with your job? It is not practical to quit but if takes many good things about you, you should risk it. There is always the right work for you. Take time to discover it.

Commuters are Happy of the New Direct Bus Service

Most of the commuters of the City Service 651 commended the comfort and the convenience of the rides. The service begins from Jurong West Avenue 3 that passes at the Ayer Rajah Expressway then finally the Marina Boulevard. The new direct bus service proved that commuting need not be a horrible experience. Commuting can be a fun experience. But there are others who despise commuting. Well, if you have no choice but to commute, you can make the most out of it.

If you commute to school or work every day, you can at least do productive things while you are in it. Here are some suggestions that you can consider so you can enjoy every minute:


Read a book. Instead of staring, you must put your time in good news. You can begin by reading a book or newspaper. Whatever you prefer, you will surely have fun while commuting.

Listen. You can either listen to music which can soothe your soul or you can listen to audio books. If you choose to listen to worthy topics, look for audiobooks with topics that you like.

Write. If you aspire to be a writer, you can grab the time and practice your writing. You can write on a piece of paper or you can use your laptop.

Think about solutions. If you are worried about something, this is the perfect time to think about possible solutions. Your time will not be wasted.

Enjoy the sceneries. If you do not want to do other things except stare at the window, it is better if you just enjoy the sceneries.

Commuting is part of life. In fact, it is recommended. Instead of bringing your car which can burn fuel plus traffic build up, it is better to commute that way you can save plus you can help mother earth. You can meet a lot of people there so do not worry. Commuting does not need to be boring and dull.