5 Rules That Highly Confident and Secure Women Live By

Whether it be a friend, a colleague or a family member, we all have an example of a confident woman in our lives that we greatly admire. Their strong self-assurance and positive outlook instantly draws us to them. They seem resilient against the adversities in their life and turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone to happiness and self-fulfilment. Wonder what their secrets are to make them strongly believe in themselves? Well, here are five rules that they live by to become a more confident version of themselves.


  1. They Practise a Self-Confidence Ritual

Giving themselves some pep-talk whenever they need some extra confidence boost is what makes these women stand out. Whether their ritual entails wearing a special outfit to make them feel good inside out or uttering affirmations to themselves, these women know what practises work to give them their much needed confidence boost and they are not afraid to use it.

  1. They Know and Embrace Their Purpose

These women know their strengths well and ensure that they put themselves in situations where they’ll be able to utilize these skills. They focus on the things that they excel in rather than dwelling on their weaknesses. These women acknowledge that they have their own imperfections, but turn each mistake they make into a personal learning experience.


  1. They Value Spending Some Time Alone

Highly confident women are empowered by going out alone, whether it is to enjoy a leisurely dinner at a restaurant or to see a movie. These women enjoy the company of their family and friends, but they also realize the importance of having some ‘me’ time, where they get to spoil themselves. Doing these allows them to relax and recharge for another day of socializing with the people around them.

  1. They Don’t Buy the Media’s Image of a Perfect Woman

Women who are confident don’t let the media dictate how they should look and behave, because they are aware that it’s false advertising. They don’t feel the need to be thin just because it’s commonly seen on TV. Instead, they value an active, healthy lifestyle and are confident with the lifestyle choices that they make.

  1. They Look Into Helping the World Improve

Wondering how they can use their strengths and skills to make the world a better place is a common trait for these women. Being selfless is a key factor in becoming a confident woman, since it shows that you know what you’re capable of doing and that you look to sharing your talents with other people.

Confidence isn’t something that just comes out of nowhere. Like most things, it also requires time, work and nurturing. So make sure that you practise and live by these rules to become the confident woman you’ve always wanted to be.

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