4 Healthy Practices You Should Steal From Your Girlfriend  

Despite being stubborn and moody, she’s usually always right; and every once in a while, it would benefit you to notice. These four healthy practices your girlfriend swears by can also be life-changing for you. Steal these practices from her and see how much change it can bring to your health.

Couple having dinner outdoors.

  1. Washing Your Face Before Going to Bed

Women religiously wash their face before hitting the sack to remove oil, dirt, and makeup, and let the skin breathe and repair itself for another day. Although you don’t wear that much makeup, you’re skin is no exempted from zit-causing oil and dirt. Washing your face saves you from pimples and clogged pores, making your skin look healthy and young.

  1. Going Out With Friends

Apart from clubbing, where you have to shout to communicate, daytime hangouts and talking with your best buds can do your health a big favour. A study shows that since women have been taught to express their feelings, they stay healthier than men. Researcher even found that those with more friends live seven years longer than those with only a few.


  1. Having Group Exercises

No, you don’t have to take jazzercise or zumba classes, but hitting the gym in groups boost your odds of sticking with this healthier lifestyle. Plus, if you always go out for a morning jog, lifting some weights with your buds or going to yoga classes with your colleagues help mix things up a bit.

  1. Carrying a Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

Somewhere within your girlfriend’s purse sits a little bottle of hand sanitizer. And not because she’s a germaphobe, but because she’s always prepared. Diseases-causing bacteria lurk everywhere and just waiting for a chance to attack, but proper hygiene can prevent these germs from infecting you. Carrying a bottle of sanitizer and using it every now and then is a simple yet a very effective way to keep your hands free from germs and yourself healthy.

Women do their own wellness routine to keep their skin and overall health in best condition. Since we also want to stay healthy and look young, why not give your sweetheart’s health and beauty regimen a chance and reap the same benefits she’s enjoying?


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