7 Signs You’re in Love with a Guitar

Maybe you used to play guitar back when you were still young. Maybe you’ve had dreams of becoming the best guitar player ever since you heard that song that changed your life. Maybe you’ve always had a thing for guitars but haven’t dared to touch one. Whatever it is, there is so much to love about guitars.

Here are seven signs you are in love with your guitar:

1. You can’t help but notice a guitar when you see one
Kinda like something you’re really attracted to, you can’t help but notice it as it passes by. Obviously a guitar isn’t so hard to notice. But there’s something about a guitar that just catches your attention whether you are aware of it or not.

2. You nod your head in pleasure as you hear a sweet guitar solo
Don’t you love a sweet guitar solo? The genre of the music doesn’t matter, you know a good guitar solo when you hear one. You can’t help but groove a little to the guitar solo you hear. Maybe even give that “guitar face” once in a while.

3. You smile a little bit when you see someone else play guitar
Seeing another person playing guitar gives you joy. Either you’re thinking “that should be me” or “that guitar player is really good”, you can’t help but smile a little bit when someone else is playing the guitar.

4. You keep a guitar with you even if you don’t use it
There’s most definitely a guitar lying somewhere around your house! Let’s face it, you aren’t ready to give it away.

5. You move your hands and pretend to play every once in a while
Pretending you are playing that sweet solo every time you hear it, you can’t help but pretend you are playing the guitar instead of just listening to it.

6. You enjoy the occasional stroll through the music store
Going through the music store is like a walk down memory lane as everything is filled with wonder and awe. Enjoying every little step of the way through the music store is something you do for pleasure occasionally.

7. You pick up a guitar every once in a while even if you don’t play it
Ah yes, holding a guitar in your arms has always felt so that right? Holding a guitar in your arms just sparks those distant memories of when you were deeply in love with your guitar and used to play every day.
Who said it’s too late to play guitar? Don’t let those memories just be memories.