Types of Health Screening

Any person with unfavorable health screening results can always do something to reverse many health issues, like adjust in diet, live an active lifestyle, and develop an exercise program. Blood tests are common to many health screening packages, but there are also body scans, X-rays, pelvic screenings, liver testing, and bone density testing. Basic blood test is usually the starting point of many health screenings, but your physical complaints and medical history are also considered in determining other health tests.


Basic Health Screenings

Health screening packages for this type of screening includes blood glucose reading, cholesterol reading, blood pressure reading, and height and weight measurements. These basic tests from Asiamedic health checkup packages in Singapore alone can already provide a good overview of your total wellness. Singapore healthcare providers will also ask questions and visually evaluate you to decide if other more tests are needed.

Intermediate Health Screenings

Intermediate health screening packages include all the screening tests in a basic screening package, but with added HDL cholesterol test and coronary risk assessment. High results of this test indicate protection against heart attack and low results indicate more possibility of developing the disease. Singapore healthcare experts may strongly recommend intermediate health screening to people who are under a lot of stress and pressure, a smoker, and is obviously overweight.


Advanced Health Screenings

This type of health screening aims to collect all information needed for a basic screening package, but includes tests for bad cholesterol (LDL), good cholesterol (HDL), and triglycerides. Bad cholesterol tends to build up in the inner walls of your arteries that feed the brain and the heart. When combined with other unhealthy substances, plaque may develop in arterial walls. Triglycerides are excess fats formed in the body. High levels of triglycerides indicate existing or impending heart disease and/or diabetes.

Additional Health Screenings

Some screening packages, like corporate health screening, only include limited types of tests. For a more comprehensive physical examination, you can add a couple of screening tests to your existing health package. Medical assessments or individual blood panels are available to screen a number of health issues, such as diabetes, liver disease, prostate abnormalities, pulmonary function, bone density, skin cancer, basic hearing or vision problems, and necessary immunizations. Mention your health problem to your doctor to be able to identify which health screening test is appropriate for you.


Age-Related Health Screenings

Men aged 50 and above should have a regular colon and prostate cancer screening. For females, screening for breast cancer of the reproductive organ should be conducted. The follow-up screening for breast, pelvic, and colon health should be regularly scheduled semi-annually, annually, or whenever your doctor decides. Family history and other risk factors are also considered to determine the frequency of the screenings.

Personal Accountability

You should not rely solely on the calendar in scheduling your health screening sessions. Everyone should pay attention to their body to be aware of certain symptoms, like breathing problems, chest pain, joint problems, or unusual changes in bladder or bowel habits. Enduring any pain and waiting for your regularly scheduled screening appointment may only aggravate you condition and allow development of life-threatening diseases.

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