Traits of Young Self-Made Millionaires

Every Singaporean wants to be a millionaire. Some worked hard and made millions late in their life while there are others that made millions at a young age. Regardless of the age, the important thing is they made millions before their life ends. However, there are others that despite of working hard, millions seem elusive.


If you really want to earn millions, you should know that there are common traits of young self-made millionaires like Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and Peter Voogd (founder of Game Changers Academy). Here are some of their traits:

  • Sense of urgency: Millionaires have this sense of urgency. They do not wait for millions to come to them because it may take a lifetime. Millionaires constantly work in the direction of success. The “someday” mentality will kill dreams.
  • Seeking mentor: They do not make millions accidentally. Millions are made with the help of many people. If you ask millionaires, they will usually mention someone whom they owe their millions – their mentors. Millionaires do not reach the status alone even if they are that smart.


  • Concentrating on leverage: By leverage, it means looking for something that will keep you in that state no matter what happens. The leverage of millionaires includes partnerships, affiliates, investment properties and many more. If you notice, millionaires do not focus on one thing.
  • Not caring about what others think: Millionaires do not care about what others think of them because in reality, it keeps them limited. Millionaires do not waste time pleasing others.

There you go. If you really want to make millions, you have to assess yourself. Singapore is a lucrative country. You can make millions if you really want to. Good luck!


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