Singapore’s Climate and Weather Conditions

Like many countries in Asia, Singapore’s Climate is not different. A wet and dry climate is experienced by many Singaporeans. Although there are four season in Singapore, most of the time, it experiences sunny and rainy days. However, there are months that a good weather condition is experienced. These are June, July and August. These are the months that visitors come to the country to enjoy their vacation.

Singapore Location

While a lot of people know that Singapore is a country located in Southeast Asia, others say that Singapore is situated near United Arab Emirates (UAE). This notion is corrected by the National Government of Singapore so that tourist will no longer be confused on where Singapore is exactly located. Singapore has a humid and hot temperature because it is located near the equator.

Why Singapore’s Climate is mostly hot and moist?

Due to the advancement of Singapore in terms of trade and commerce, modern technology also boosts its way to modernize the country. In Singapore, there are a lot of man-made structures that in many situations can lead to natural disasters such as Landslide, Earthquake, Flood and many more.  These man-made structures are also the reason why the climate in Singapore is too hot in summer and excessively cold in winter. However, Singapore’s climate is also affected by global climate change.

The Four Seasons

There are four common seasons in Singapore and these are fall, spring, winter and summer. Also, there are two particular seasonal winds in the country – the northeast monsoon (December-March) and the southwest monsoon (June-September).



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