Overcoming a Sad Situation

Loneliness is just a feeling. It is a word that is easy to say but hard to surpass. It’s like a soccer ball that you need to shoot through the goal. But it is not as easy as you think since you will encounter obstacles. For one, there are defenders and all the way to the soccer net is the goalkeeper.


Do you think you can easily score a goal? No, it’s not. You need first to trick your opponent to achieve it. Once you’ve done it, it is victory. Being in the situation wherein you heartbreak is present is a complicated one. However, it is not a serious matter because it can be easily solved.

The hardest part is only the adjustment period wherein you will definitely do everything that you can without your partner. Sometimes, you tend to be dependent to him and suddenly he’s gone. Don’t be sad or regret that he is gone. Make a promise to yourself that you will become mature despite that fact that he left you.


Make something that you think you can do without him and do not try do the things that you do with him because it might end up that you won’t easily move on. The trick here is to forget or if not think less on the things that you do together and most especially the things that he do for you because it doesn’t make any changes on you.


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