Loving: Easy to Say Yet Difficult Do

There are so many people who says that it is much better to love a person and hurt rather than never loved for your entire life. Indeed, it is true. Loving a person is not an easy duty, it is always a risk. But do you think you aren’t at risk someone do not love you? Yes, it is. In reality, you are more hurt if you are not loved compared to a person who experienced heartbreak.


Take for instance you parents, is it really hurtful when your father doesn’t care about you and your mother doesn’t love you for their whole life? Definitely! There are situations like these and it is really painful like you are punching yourself for no reason at all. You do not want these, right? Hence, you have to keep on loving someone in order for you to get something in return. Although it might not be from the one you truly love but at least you are being loved.


Sometimes, a poor individual gains more love than rich people because most of the time, wealthy individuals have a lot of fake friends and only few of them are true and the worst part, no one will stand by you when you need them. On the other hand, financially disable individuals have more true companions because they are sincere with their feelings. They just want a friend who can stay with them for a long time and it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich.


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