Learning How to Learn Better

Learning is a different journey for everyone. In fact, you can never compare the learning journey of everyone because of how different they are. Some people find it easier to learn academically, others find it easier to learn athletically, and some people even find it easier to learn artistically. Let’s just put it this way, everyone is different.

Learning is what we, human beings, are put on this earth for. From the day we are born, we slowly learn new things about life. The older we get, those things complicate as our learning capacity increases. Learning is more than just an action. Besides, we learn something new whether we like it or not. The peculiar but also admirable thing about our brains is that they function as information seeking muscles.

Our brains constantly digest new material every day. In fact, your brain is digesting new information right now while you are reading this article. Now, why do we call this a muscle even though it isn’t biologically a muscle? This is because your brain needs exercise for it to improve in performance. Just like every other muscle, the more you work it out, the stronger it becomes.

The brain functions exactly like a muscle except instead of getting stronger, our mental strength is in our ability to learn! Yes! You read that right. The measure of our brain’s strength is in our ability to learn. Now, it would be unfair if we only measure our brain’s capacity through academics alone.

You see, the rate at which you are learning also depends on the type of medium being used. What medium are we referring to? Well, we are talking about your senses. Not everyone is a visual learner. Some people learn better through sound! Some people have really good memory and can memorize things the way they see them while others may actually have to practice a method called correlation which is relating new information to old information for you to be able to grasp the whole idea.

Our learning process is different from one another. Now here’s the trick, everyone forces us to learn without actually providing us with the proper material that satisfies our medium of learning. The best way to learn is to first figure out which medium works best for you.

Whether it be through visual aid, through audio books, or whatever you can come up with. Once you’ve figured out which technique actually helps you, you have to transpose the information you want to learn into the type of medium you are most comfortable with. Learning about other things isn’t nearly as important as learning about yourself.