How To Beat This Summer’s Heat

Last year was only one of the hottest the world has ever experienced so it’ll be wise to brace up for this coming summer as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be just as hot this year or not. What matters is we don’t let the hot weather melt away all our summer fun. A lot of people in Singapore may skip outdoor activities because of the sweltering heat. This can be a wise option but you don’t need to keep yourself limited with indoor summer activities.


Consider these tips on how to beat this summer’s heat so you can still have fun:

The secret is in the chili

There’s something in chili peppers that sweat us up but also help our bodies deal with heat better. So go on and indulge in hot and spicy summer food. Sweating and eating at the same time can be a good secret to keeping fit and sexy while still giving in to your spicy food indulgencies.

Go footloose and lose your shoes

Summer is the best time to shelve away those closed shoes for some cool flip flops. Putting on breathable slippers will make us feel comfortable. This also allows our bodies – or feet rather – to have a cooler sensation instead of the heat that summer brings.

It’s all in the mind

How about creating the illusion that it’s not really hot? Re-design your room in such a way that it gives off a cool and light atmosphere. Indulge in cold food, watch winter movies, read stories that feature a lot of snow and cold temperature. Forget that it’s actually hot.

Heaven on earth

Keep yourself hydrated

Sweating may dehydrate us so it’s important to drink as much water as you can. You can also take food that are good for keeping you hydrated such as fruit smoothies. Speaking of fruit, you might as well make watermelon your favorite food in summertime. Also, be wise enough to avoid dehydrating fluids like alcohol and coffee.

Eat summer food

Choose the right food this summer. There’s a reason why fruits are symbolic of the summer season. Fruits and vegetables are light enough and our tummy’s best friends as they are easiest to digest. On the other hand, some food like hamburger – fast food’s staple – is harder to digest and would only make us feel worse. Keep it easy on your tummy, too, and give it a summer break. How about some watermelon?


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