How to Avoid Getting Drunk

Ever wondered why one of your friends seems to have a sky-high tolerance for alcohol while you’re bathing on your vomit after two glasses? If you have more embarrassing photos during parties than good memories, it’s time to step back and look at what you’re doing wrong.

1. One at a Time
Never try to drink more than you think you can handle. If you’re inexperienced, limiting yourself to one beverage every hour should make it easier for your body to eliminate the alcohol. Ask for your own glass and never leave it just about anywhere. Hold it for everyone to see so you don’t get more offers to drink.

2. Know Your Limit
If you’re the type who feels dizzy with just a glass of beer, don’t go beyond that. Even if you’re with trusted friends, some of them might end up drunk too and that could be a recipe for disaster. Alcohol tolerance is dependent on genes, weight and body type.

3. Drink Water
Water will help your stomach break down alcohol faster. Drink water before, during and after drinking alcoholic beverages. That will also help you sit through drinking sessions longer without getting dehydrated and you’ll have an excuse to make trips to the bathroom.

4. Eat Something
Food can help reduce the effects of alcohol. You will still get drunk but at least you’ll feel full and be less inclined to drink more. Never drink on an empty stomach because solid food should help slow down digestion of alcohol and delay its distribution in your bloodstream.

5. Pick Your Drinks
It never hurts to research before going to a party especially if you’ve never tried drinking before. Don’t mix drinks if you don’t know what’s in it. If you know how to do it, it’s better if you mix it yourself so you’ll know what you’re drinking. Don’t accept just about anything without asking.

6. Don’t Go Solo
Ask someone to accompany you. You’ll never know if you’re going to have too much to drink. At least one of you can take care of the other and make sure you can get home safe with your limbs intact.

7. Alcohol Tolerance
Some doctors would not recommend this but increasing your tolerance by drinking one or two glasses everyday can help. Liquor isn’t all that bad for your health if you drink in moderation. You need to accept too that some people can handle the effects of alcohol much better than you.

8. No Pressure
Newbies are sometimes pressured into thinking they need to keep up with friends. They should respect your decision not to drink more because if they keep insisting, then maybe they aren’t your friends. If you want to avoid pressure, then don’t go to places or attend events that could tempt you.

9. A Teaspoon of Dry Yeast
One co-founder of a beer company said that his secret is to swallow a teaspoon of dry yeast before drinking. Yeast has an enzyme that helps break down alcohol just like the way your liver does. It will help reduce the effects of alcohol.