How Can You Prevent Your Child from Sexting?

As a parent, you can never be comfortable in your seat knowing that your kids are out there doing who knows what. It is your role and responsibility to look after them and make sure that their futures are vivid. Unfortunately, it is not easy especially that there are many temptations out there.


Have you heard about sexting? Sexting is when someone exchanges sexually implicit images or texts through their mobile phones. The term is broad that it also includes internet and webcam. Other people call this “nudie” or “cybersex”. This is a common issue. Singapore is experiencing it and so are the neighbouring countries.

Most parents are skeptical about sexting. You can be different and open your mind. Here are some things that you can do to prevent your child from doing sexting:


  • Monitor phone usage: Let your child know that you will be monitoring their phone usage. You can check their internet usage, friends, photo galleries and messages. Do not forget other devices like laptops and tablets.
  • Set controls: You have to set the controls. If your home has an internet access, you can block explicit sites as a start. If your child needs to download an app, research and see for yourself.
  • Explain sexting: Whether your child is doing it or not, it is important that you explain it to him/her. You have to explain its dangers and repercussions. You can your child that it is illegal for a start.
  • Let your child know you are there: You should always assure your child that you are available anytime if he/she prefers talking.

This is a sensitive issue that should be dealt with care. You are not alone because some Singaporean parents are expressing their concern about sexting. You can just sit down and let it happen or you will act.


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