Common Transportation in Singapore

Singapore_Public_Transport For many countries around the globe, transportation is given importance. It is by all means – way of living. In today’s modern world there are a lot of changes that is happening and this is due to the advancement in technology. Because Singapore is a highly-standardized nation, roads, buildings and transportations are always evolving. Buses and trains in the city are air-conditioned and roads are systematized.


This is the largest public transportation in Singapore. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is the railway system in Singapore that is first rode by Singaporeans in 1987. This railway is the second oldest railway in Southeast Asia next to LRT in Philippines.

Car Rentals

In Singapore, tourist are allowed to drive around the country for a span of 12 months (1 year) and as usual they must carry a license and a passport. However, they avoid to rent a car. But because it is more convenient to tour the metropolis using own vehicles, foreigners tend to rent a car for their convenience.


During normal fare hours, taxi fares are quite cheap but taxis in Singapore are relatively inexpensive during normal fare hours, but unluckily those hours are only limited. During peak hours (morning and evening) fare rates is increased by 35% and for people who wants to tour the metropolis during dawn, just prepare for a 50% increase in taxi fare rate.  The only thing that makes the taxi service is Singapore cheap, is to impose a metered taxi; however, this is not necessary because most Singaporeans do have cars and they do not usually ride a taxi.



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