All About Singapore

A Scoop of Goodness

With the heat of summer going at full blast, there couldn’t possibly be a more delicious way of cooling down than eating a scoop of ice cream. As the temperature continues to get higher, there’s no doubt that many people are cueing up in ice cream shops across the country. To give you a heads up of where to get that delectable scoop of ice cream, take a look at this list of some of Singapore’s buzzworthy ice cream shops.



It would be refreshing to have fresh, homemade ice cream for a change. If you want to have a taste of artisan ice cream with original flavors such as Bailey’s & Bourbon, Orange Choc Bitters, and Tira-miss-u, then follow the trail leading to Located at five outlet stores – Upp Thomson, Serangoon Gardens, Siglap, Novena, and Bukit Timah – U.d.d.e.r.s also serves ice cream cakes and their signature udderlicious sundaes.

Ice Cream Chef

Are you prepared to try a million different flavors of ice cream? Because Ice Cream Chef promises just that! Ice Cream Chef serves homemade customized ice creams that are freshly made every day. Step 1 in customizing your ice cream is selecting your flavor. The next step is choosing your mix-ins and the final step is mashing them to create your very own crunchy ice cream. Their unique flavors include Creme Brulee, Oreos Cheesecake, Honey Green Tea, Milky Moo, and Milo Peng. To see the full range of flavors they have, check their website at and while there, you could even try their quick game of mashing your own ice cream. You could also find them at Upper Thomson, East Coast, and SAFRA Mt. Faber.



Of course those who are lactose-intolerant or perhaps allergic to dairy shouldn’t be left behind. Ice cream doesn’t need to be made from dairy for it to be delicious and Brownice stands to prove that. In place of dairy, Brownice uses organic brown rice milk and their ice creams are all-natural, vegan, and low-fat. You could choose from a variety of flavors including Hazelnut Chocolate, Vanilla Almond, Peanut Butter Caramel, and Chocolate with Caramel Almonds. Other than ice creams, they also serve an intensely chocolatey Mudpie and ice cream cakes which use gluten-free, vegan crusts. Cool down and try their ice cream at Sin Ming Centre, 8 Sin Ming Road, #01-03 Singapore 575628.


The Advantages of Living in Singapore

In many countries all over the world, we are very lucky to live in a place that is not just abundant with natural spots but also in economic matters. Here, you will not regret living because there are a lot of perks that you can get once you are in the lovely country of Singapore. One of the things that are loved by many tourists is the National Museums and Nature Parks. Aside from that, there are a lot of tourist destinations in the country.


  • Free Wi-Fi: In other countries, wireless hotspots are present but unlike here in the island, Wi-Fi is notably free. Not only that, the wireless connection covers all the area in the country which provides all smart-phone users with fast internet surfing.
  • Disaster-free City: Geographically speaking, Singapore is protected by any natural disaster that may occur. However, when something terrible happen, the disaster team is always ready to extend help for those who are in need.


  • Health Conscious Country: Simply, our country is one of the most advanced cities to have the modernized medical equipment and tools. Also, their hospitals are always up to date.
  • Delicious Crab are Here: Evidently, when you talk about crabs, the best and recommended country is the chili crab. Here in the country, we celebrate chili crab festivals wherein there a hundreds or even thousands of crabs displayed.
  • One-of-a-kind Coffee: Did you know that Singapore is one of the unique producer coffees? In the country, coffees are typically sold in coffee shops and of cozy restaurants.

Actually, there are many pros living here. Aside from the above-mentioned advantages of living here, you can also obtain learning.

02 Food (Eating on the Street) - Singapore Living Galleries @ Singapore National Museum (Large)

Experience a Comfortable Environment in Singapore Restaurants

Since the country has many foreign visitors, accommodating them is a plus factor. On the other hand, we need to see to it that every one of them will eat in a cozy and serene place and with a fantastic view. One of the reasons why many of us eat at restaurants because it we want to feel relieved. Also, there is a need for us to go to their restaurants so that many foreigners will follow what we are doing or perhaps follow where we usually eat.


Day or night, nothing beats the beautiful sceneries in the country together with the unique food houses. This includes:

Sky on 57

Situated at the top of Marina Bay Sands, there’s no doubt that this is the most visited restaurants in the metro. Here, you can view almost the entire Singapore. From Sentosa Island to the Marina Bay, Sky on 57 is one place to visit. The trip will not be complete of you wouldn’t taste their appetizing delicacies.

Level 33

If Sky on 57 almost got the view of the entire country, Level 33 surprisingly gives a view of the whole location of the Marina Bay. You should with your friends and drink some beer.



Spend your weekend here. Located near the bay, you can enjoy the view of the Marina Bay Financial Centre and The Sail. Having Brunch is highly recommended in this place.

iL Cielo

iL Cielo is a hidden place but not literally hidden because it is one of the most famous restaurants on top. Located at the 24th floor of the Hilton hotel, this restaurant is among the silent places at the Orchard Road.