6 Reasons Why Your Doctor Might Perform a C-Section


Most expectant moms wish to have a normal delivery during labour, despite the discomfort and pain it would cause. However, a healthy pregnancy may not always result to a normal delivery. Sometimes, a caesarean section, or C-section, is inevitable to keep the mother and the baby safe from complications. If your doctor decides to perform a C-section on you, it’s likely due to any of these reasons:


  1. Your baby isn’t descending into your pelvis

The baby’s head should move towards the lower part of your abdomen two to four weeks before the estimated delivery date or during the labour. If your doctor can’t see your baby’s head resting beneath the middle part of your pelvic bone, this is when she will have to perform a C-section.

  1. Your baby is not in delivery position

Ideally, the head of the baby should be positioned near the birth canal prior to delivery. But if it is in breech position, wherein the baby’s feet or buttocks are positioned towards the birth canal, the doctor may have to perform a C-section. Although doctors agree that this situation does not automatically call for a C-section, they emphasize that this is the safest method to deliver the baby to ensure there’s no nerve injuries or fractures. Another solution is to turn the baby in the right position, though there’s risk of cord coil (the umbilical cord getting looped around the neck of the baby).

  1. You have problems with your placenta

Another pregnancy problem that may require your doctor to go for a C-section is when you have placenta praevia. If your doctor observes that your placenta is positioned lower inside the womb, blocking the cervix, totally or partially covering the baby’s passageway, it’s the safest option to do a C-section to save the mother from the possibility of hemorrhage.


  1. You have preeclampsia

Uncontrolled blood pressure, despite taking all the necessary medications, is a sign of preeclampsia. If your doctor sees signs of this pregnancy condition, the only way to deliver your baby is via C-section regardless of the age of development of your baby.

  1. You have surprise twins

Have you ever heard of surprise twins? It is when your ultrasounds detect one baby, but you actually have two. While it’s possible to deliver twins normally depending on the size, age and position, doctors will likely decide for a C-section if you’re having three or more babies.

  1. You have genital herpes

It is required to perform C-section if the mother has genital herpes. This is to prevent the baby from passing through the birth canal and be exposed to the virus. This is most crucial if the mother has sores or lesions or has active herpes in her genital area.

The best you can do is to listen to your ob-gyn and follow regular check-up schedules. Discuss your birth plans with your OB, and remember to be flexible.


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