4 Things That Are Stopping You From Being a Millionaire  


Relaxing vacation on a yacht, speeding the highway with the most expensive car, giving huge donations for foundations, gracing social events and early retirement, one could not ask for more. These are the lives of millionaires but unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will experience this kind of life at our current pace.


No matter how hard we pray, if we do not overcome roadblocks, we will never get near to being a millionaire. The roadblocks are the reasons we will never be a millionaire and whilst they exist, there is nothing we can do. With this, it is imperative that we overcome the roadblocks and make our own fortune. Here are the four reasons we will never be a millionaire:

  • Not understanding how money works: For some, money is a complicated thing but to millionaires, it is easy. For a start, millionaires believe that money is not something won or created by fate. Wealth is action not an accident. Building your wealth will be your biggest and most important game so if you want to win, you have to learn the tenets. For a start, try reading books about wealth like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
  • Not continuing learning: You are busy, you do not have time to learn. You have to know that setting aside time for learning can take you far. Successful entrepreneurs never stop learning even if they are busy.


  • Living to your means: If your company hasn’t taken off, you have to be conscientious and wise about the money you spend. Remember that if you live beyond your means, you will never have extra cash to put into investments and assets. Millionaires made a decision to love on less than they actually make.
  • Not collecting assets: You have to accept that having a job will not make you rich neither will saving money in your bank accounts. Building wealth is more than that. You need to start collecting assets and investing in the right one. Purchasing a car is not an asset, in fact it is a liability. Millionaires collect money with the expectation that it can provide benefits in the future.

Now that you know the four reasons or roadblocks to millions, it is high time that you take action. Yes, it is not easy and it could be frustrating but if your heart truly desires it and as long as the body is willing, there will be no problems at the end of the day.


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